Five Things

Five Things

A few points that Andy needs to get off his chest.

1. I hope someone enjoyed the "Watch What Happens" Top Chef Spectacular. What I liked about it was that you got to see Tom, Padma, Gail and Ted as they really are, which is fun fun fun. One of the reasons that show is so fun to be around is that the four judges are great to shoot the shit with.

2. It was Graciela's birthday last week. I gave her an all-Madonna iPod Nano. She texts me every day at various points to say "I'm on Madison Avenue listening to 'Jump'. How do I not dance!?" Or "now it's Junior's remix of 'Secret'!!" I am getting crosstown pleasure out of Graciela listening to her iPod around Manhattan. And so, the point is that custom iPods are where it's at!

3. I gots to reiterate how much I loved Travolta in "Hairspray". I think I am repeating this because I'm in some form of shock about it myself. He is SO completely different from Divine and Harvey Fierstein, which is a brilliant choice in itself. I hear that Gene Shalit gave "Hairspray" a busted review the other day. With all due respect to my furry friend, shut it. You're the one man in America who didn't like the movie and you're a day late and a dollar short. (That expression is not particularly applicable here but I am going for it anyway.)

4. There is a new person behind the counter at my neighborhood coffee shop. Been in NYC for 10 days. From Louisiana. Very difficult to pretend not to want to know every freaking boring detail of Louisiana's life. I know I have other things to do, but I am fascinated.

5. There's a big rumor going around that "Brokeback Mountain" may be headed to Broadway. Here's what: unless you're gonna get Jake and Heath (and you're not), we don't need no Brokeback on Broadway. The movie was fantastic. Leave it be. Let it go. It's done.

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