Five Questions Nobody Is Asking

Five Questions Nobody Is Asking

Andy Cohen gets some things off his chest.

Today I will partake in the potentially (not) fascinating exercize of answering five questions that nobody in particular is asking!

Gina in Maryland does (not) want to know: I read this morning that they are making "Spider Man: The Musical." What do you think of that idea?
Well, Gina I don't know who you mean by "they" -- but I read that this morning too and I will fill in the blanks and tell you that it is in fact Bono and The Edge who will be composing the music for Spidey's stage debut and that sounds fantastic to me!

Terrence in Texarcana most certainly did (not) ask: What do you think of Kristin Scott Thomas?
Absolutely nothing. I don't think about her and if I do I try to get something else in my head. I can't imagine that "Terrence" or anybody would seek out thinking about Kristin Scott Thomas!

Trish in Nashville might be wondering: What's the last thing you downloaded into your iPod?
So funny that you didn't wonder that, Trish! I downloaded this Belinda Carlisle thing where she covers classic french pop tunes in a really modern, trippy way. It was recommended to me last weekend by a gadfly on Mustique. What seems like a good idea on the isle of Mustique doesn't always translate to the isle of Manhattan! It kinda stinks!

Somebody at Bravo will probably want to know the answer to this: I heard that Jackie Warner trained our boss Lauren Zalaznick in LA. Did she kick Lauren's butt?
Well I don't want to speak out of turn, but by all accounts, when the ass-kickers went head to head -- it was Jackie Warner who did indeed kick the Bravo Prexy's (currently most likely sore) ass.

Finally, I bet that nobody outside of my nuclear family would ask: Have you scheduled your next haircut?
I actually don't even think that my family cares, but I will humor nobody and say that I might get a trim on Tuesday!

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