First Day of School

First Day of School

Andy Cohen reflects on the last days of summer.

Welcome back from the summer. By the way, when did summer actually start and how did it go so quickly? I am still trying to figure it all out.

The weekend had this nip in the air that said "it's over, people" and even the Real Barbarians of East Hampton seemed a touch more gentle, if only to let each other enjoy the final moments of the season in peace. Or not. It was all last looks: last visit to Scoop, last pizza at Sam's, last glorious swim in the ocean, last piece of sweet corn, last ... OK even I'M getting bored and sick of summer! Here's the last walk to the beach anyway ...

There was a nice piece in the Sunday New York Times about me and Watch What Happens Live and I got a lot of great e-mails from old friends and colleagues.  My fave was from Julie Chen, who you by now remember interned with me at the CBS Morning Show in 1989. Among other things, she said "anytime you want lessons of a wooden robotic delivery from the Chenbot, let me know!" How's that for a sense of humor about yourself? And of course, she is perfect at her job if you ask me.

This week my guests are Tom Coliccio, Niecy Nash, and a surprise guest. (That means we haven't booked anyone else, but we may or may not.) And I am happy to say that the show has been extended another 10 weeks so you will be stuck with me Thursdays at Midnight until the end of December. I am looking forward to a lot more awkward guest combos, silly games, amazing viewer questions, and Maker's Mark and ginger ale.

By the way, I had the BEST time with Wendy Williams the other night on the show. We played a rousing game of "Wig, Weave, or Weal" and if you haven't seen it I will re-post at the bottom of this blog. She is so damn likable, such a great sport, and just fun to be with. Her show comes back from vacay today, and she's live too ("too, " meaning like our rinky dink show TOO.)

I have to just put down in print my favorite NeNe quote from last week, one that I cannot stop repeating: "Oh no she is not trying to change from being a black girl. She better get black and she better get black real fast." On what other show are you going to hear someone say this??
Where, I ask?

So this morning I woke up to e-mails and tweets and texts informing me that two of my fave ladies, Bethenny Frankel and Rachel Zoe, are in some kind of a Tweet war!  

Bethenny seems to have started it: "@Bethenny Is wondering if I'm the only one who can't get over the self-important nonsense that is rachel zoe. catching up on my dvr.  wow. Is dying over this show. if I stick on a lampshade with a moo moo and a pair of bananas hoop earrings, rz may just D I E. what a bunch of BS!"

And then Rachel said: "@rzrachelzoe wow talk abt no class bn friends 4yrs rude. she is inappropriate and clearly desperate for some attention"

And then I said: "@BravoAndy <> Oh lord am I really waking up to a Tweet war btwn @bethenny <>  and @rzrachelzoe <> ?? Girls girls your BOTH PRETTY! Daddy loves you both very much!"

And so we should forgo our work today and all stay GLUED to our TwitterBerrys to watch what happens with this one. And THEN watch this clip of WIG, WEAVE, OR WEAL!


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