Father Nose Best

Father Nose Best

Andy Cohen shares his thoughts on Sanjaya and Keith Richards.

When I read about Keith Richards snorting some of his dad's ashes, I knew I could count on the New York Post for a good headline. They delivered, and also provided me with a title for today's blog. Thanks NY Post! Will other people be inspired by Richards and start to snort their parent's ashes? Is this the next wave of apres-death tribute that will make us all uber-close to our folks after they're gone?

I think we need to get into this live on Watch What Happens tonight! Tonight's guests on Watch What Happens are Elle Decor editrix Margaret Russel and Carson Kressley, who may or may not have opinions on snorting your parents. Send us your questions or call in live after Top Design. Pick up your damn phone and call in, people! We love phone calls and this is something like a one in a lifetime, or once a week, opportunity! This show is more interactive than American Idol!

I watched Sanjaya last night and was amazed by how crappy he is. I don't think I've actually seen him sing for a month but he actually, truly SUCKS! I am conflicted about the VoteFortheWorst people trying to screw with the show by keeping him in.

If I was producing the show I'd be pissed off when talent started getting eliminated in favor of a circus clown. Has that happened yet? Is there any Clarkson-sized talent in the running this year? It makes me wonder, though, if the VoteFortheWorst people had something to do with GW Bush getting into the White House. Is there a bigger hoax at work here????

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