Fashion Week Marches On

Fashion Week Marches On

Andy Cohen responds to Andrea Peyser's scathing article in yesterday's 'New York Post.'

It's a sweet little snowstorm this morning and it feels cozy inside 30 Rock. I might light a fire in my office and see how that goes down.

Friday night was the Opening Ceremony and premiere of the new "We Are the World," which really sucks. How do you allow people (Akon, Lil Wayne) to Autotune on that classic song?  And how do you not give Ms. Gladys Knight a solo? Michael is (rightly) still the best damn thing on the song. (I do love "Everybody Hurts," Simon Cowell's UK "We are the World" counterpart with proceeds also going to Haiti.)

Nothing blew me away more at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics more than k.d. lang's rendition of the Leonard Cohen classic "Hallelujah." WOW.  THAT was a performance — celebratory and mournful all at once. I loved it. I also loved the Ralph Lauren gear the athletes were wearing, seeing Ann Murray, the technical screw-up (poor Canada!), and Shaun White's Farrah Fawcett Gingey Hair.

So Fashion Week continues and yesterday Andrea Peyser had a rant in the New York Post about how awful it is that reality stars are going to the shows. The headline, "Fashion is dead in New York -- here's the proof!" is printed on top of a picture of Patrick McDonald, the "dandy" from Launch My Line. That's a low blow, and really unfair.

Here's what Lady Peyser, Patrick has been a front row fixture at fashion shows for years and years, and that's why we put him on Launch My Line. To call him out as a hanger-on (after you've admitted you never go to fashion shows) is uninformed and unfair. 

As for me, the highlight of my fashion weekend was meeting Supermodel Natalia Vodianova backstage at the DVF show. She is so beautiful and sexy, it's just beyond the beyond. She lost her coat soon after I saw her and, in perilous turmoil, looked even hotter. (The fashion show was great, too.)

Later at DVF's dinner I had a rollicking convo with Rachel Zoe and Rodger. They are hilarious and in the midst of shooting Season 3 of her show. Later on that night I saw Brad at a party for Butt Magazine thrown by Marc Jacob's hubby Lorenzo. Yes, I went to a party for Butt Magazine.

Yesterday morning I dragged my sorry ass uptown to opine with Kathie Lee and Hoda about wazzup in pop culture. I did end the segment by telling Kathie Lee that you cannot trust a porn star, and it is true, people. And Kathie Lee knows it.


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