Fashion Week Continues

Fashion Week Continues

Andy Cohen talks about Top Chef and Fashion Week festivities.

First of all, tonight is a ridonkulous episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. SO very ridonkulous that I summoned Kim to come BACK on Watch What Happens Live at midnight. She'll be on with Lance Bass and you better be-weave that I'm going to try to get her to sing. Secondly,
if you don't want to find out who got eliminated from Top Chef last night, stop reading.

First things first, I am still devastated that Mattin is gone. This actual elimination happened several months ago; I was there and I was none too pleased about it. I just liked listening to him and looking at him. And the red bandana was so cute. And his completely blind
overconfidence was hilarious to me. 

Mattin tried out for Top Chef: New York and we all fell in love with him in the room. He brought us spices from the Basque Country (brain freeze on what the spice was) and told us without hesitation that he would be Top Chef.

So I was not thrilled during my days in Vegas that Mattin got the dink. I kept asking Tom if he was SURE, and he and the other judges were absolutely certain. I had taken Padma to see Cher the night before (which sucked) and so I thought maybe she was still irritable from that
bad show, but she was more irritated by Mattin's dish. Oh well. There's a lot more to come and we can all look forward to seeing Mattin at the reunion, where he will be pressed to explain his blind hubris in the face of Robuchon.

In other news, last night was US Magazine's celebration of the 25 Most Fashionable New Yorkers, and somehow I made the list. And right about now, you and I are thinking the same thing: it must be a very slow year in fashion for AJC to have made the list.  

Anyway I did and I went and it was fun. The NYC Housewives made the list and were there in full force, as were Alicia Keys, Vera Wang, Chris Cuomo, Mary J. Blige, Christie Brinkley, and I don't know who else, but more. Then I let NYC blow me around the city and wound up at
Delicatessan on Lafayette and Prince. Who sits down at the table next to us but Kelly Bensimon, and don't you know that lady sent over Patron shots for our table. She knows how to do it.

Today is the Isaac show, and tonight is Watch What Happs Live -- see you at Midnight!

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