Fashion Show Day

Fashion Show Day

Designer Austin Scarlett drops by for a visit.

A couple pieces o biz before I get to the main event:

** Tonight is a special bonus Real Housewives of NYC featuring never-seen footage from last season and more from the reunion. There a moment in it that I said on my blog I wouldn't have put on the air, so look for that and we can discuss tomorrow .... To get you in the Housewives mood, check out the cover of the NYT Home section featuring a massice spread about the homes of the Jersey Housewives! Bubbies!

** Andy's blog reader Bruce posted a diatribe yesterday based on his assertion that I was somehow dissing the military. The misunderstanding is perhaps because of the proximity of my "I heart fleet week" mention to my "why oh why isn't gay marriage legal" moment. I don't know from where Bruce is coming, but I heart the military, dude. It's all good. 

** To celebrate tonight's awesome episode of The Fashion Show (the teams go away and competition gets great), Austin Scarlett stopped by the dorm room to play a little fashion game ... Check it out!

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