Fashion is My Passion

Fashion is My Passion

Andy Cohen dishes on tonight's premiere of 'The Fashion Show.'

Tonight is big!  It's the supersized debut of The Fashion Show that follows Patti setting up her first Gillionaire gay millionaire - on the Millionaire Matchmaker finale. Wowza.

Comparisons will be made, and yeah it IS a design competition, but this show is its own vibe and at its core is Isaac helming a search for high fashion for real people. There's a fashion show every week featuring an audience of insiders whose scores determine the top looks
of the week, with the judges' winning design sold on

The designers are really talented but, in truth, many don't deliver tonight. Stick around though for some real innovation. And join me as I LOL at Reco.

I am crazy about Kelly Rowland. She perfectly represents a real girl who loves fashion — the voice of the potential customer. She starts under the radar and then brings it, hardcore!  In terms of 7th Avenue cred, the pairing of Isaac, Harper's Bazaar, and Fern Mallis is as good as
you're going to get on a design competition.

I'm really excited that we're giving you, Bravoholics, what you've been asking for since I started here five years ago, a real voice in the show. We're not leaving everything up to the judges; YOU determine the winner. So nobody can bitch about some industry insider not representing the voice of the peeps; the peeps have the voice!

Julie, my highest-lunch-bidder girl in Scarsdale, e-mailed reacting to Linda Stasi's jawdropper of a review in this morning's NY POST:  "Andy, Yet ANOTHER good review from Linda Stasi? What, do you pictures of her with Jon Goselin? Todd Palin? Leaving Patti Stanger's office?"

I don't! But I'm wondering if she's on new meds or what is happening here??

This process has been as dramatic as fashion itself, and in the end we're really psyched about the product. As with most of our new shows, it grows every week in drama, suspense, and talent.

As always, I want and value your opinions!

Here's a sneak peak of tonight's episode:

CAB REPORT: The ride in 9T49 was dominated by a blaring radio featuring a debate about something huge that happened in the NBA last night. A controversial play, or foul, or injury. My driver did not care to explain what exactly went down, so I am in the dark. Go Cards!

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