Everybody's A Winner

Everybody's A Winner

Andy takes Project Runway's Leanne and Kenley out on the town.

Last night was a lot... Leanne and Kenley joined me on the after-show, with Tim Gunn and Fan Favorite Korto calling in from Smell A.  The 6th floor of 30 Rock was a pop culture melting pot last night. Conan O'Brien was taping his show (Friday's?) with Ed Norton, some random pundits wandering around waiting to go into a flash studio to analyze the debate, Kenley and her friends (including sweet Daniel Feld) were watching "Runway" in a greenroom, Leanne and her beau Nathan were behind closed doors watching her win in another room, and I was standing in the hallway watching that fidgety old man attack Barack. From what I saw of the debate I thought the mean old man won, but everyone says smoothie did. What do I know? I'm just a Joe Sixpack.

I do know that the after show was dramarama. Kenley and Leanne and I got into it with Kenley about the hip hop highwasted fugliest pants ever, Kenley and Korto got into it about I don't know what, Kenley and Tim had a love fest and kissed and made up. Kenley is a sparkplug and actually a great sport about answering some really tough questions and mean comments. And we talked about the fascinating factlet of her tugboat-captain dad. Korto is pissed she didn't win and said that when she heard Leanne's name she felt like she was being punked. In truth, and I heard the whole deliberation, Kenley was more of a contender than it maybe appeared and I think Korto's clothes looked better on TV than in person. But that's just my observation.

The Elves had a big party in LA and I wanted somewhere fun for Leanne and Kenley to go celebrate, so we hit the Gramercy Park Hotel for the Cinema Society premiere of Charlie Kaufman and Spike Jonze's "Synecdoche New York" starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Samantha Morton, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michelle Williams, and Emily Watson. All the stars were there and most of them seemed to be big Runway fans, especially Catherine Keener, who was thrilled to learn that Leanne had won. Everybody was happy to see Kenley, too.

I ruined the finale for Rachel Dratch by saying "wanna meet the winner of 'Runway'?" when I saw her. Her face dropped and she said 'you just ruined it for me!' I felt horrible. That is a HORRIBLE thing to do, ruin the results of a show you've been watching for 14 weeks... Liza Persky ruined the result of the first "Amazing Race" for me and we STILL talk about it. I was so pissed, but I realized how bad she felt and actually felt bad for HER for ruining it for ME. Does anyone understand what I'm saying? Anyway, we had a lot of fun and were grateful for a fun party to drop into.

I will miss Runway and the after-show. We could not have asked for better sponsors than American Express, by the way. They made the show possible and I am grateful for that. And did you see Nicole Kidman on Bravo introducing those exclusive clips of "Australia"? The movie looks great. Nicole looks fascinating. I went to the premiere of W the night before and I gotta say that the "Synecdoche New York" party was a lot better. (I can't speak for the movie.) I liked "W" but didn't love it. It, like the entire Bush Presidency and W himself, got bogged down in the war on Iraq and depressed me. Thandie Newton was AMAZING as Condi Rice. I came away really liking Laura Bush and feeling sorry for George Senior for having such a dunce of a son. And I maybe kind of felt sorry for W, but not really. I feel sorrier for America.

ANYWAY, I am HAPPY for Leanne...

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