Ennis Del Mar

Ennis Del Mar

Andy Cohen laments the loss of Heath Ledger.

Before I get into the obvious, I am wondering what y'all thought of "Housewives" and "Millionaire Matchmaker" last night. You've got a new runway tonight and I'm pretty sure that as of 11 est, you'll never look at a pair of jeans the same way again.

Tonight is the episode in which Ralph Feinnes stopped by the set to see us shoot the runway show and some of the judging. It was fun having him in the video village (essentially the control room) listening to our peanut gallery of comments as clothes came down the Runway. If you think Heidi and Co's commentary is entertaining, you might also enjoy the layman's perspective from the video village. Ralph did. And the English Patient's commentary on the proceedings were equally hilar.

What can I possibly say about Heath Ledger? It's just too sad. I will always hold a special place For him for giving it up in "Brokeback" and now I can't stop wondering if he had more in common with Ennis than we'd thought. Was he sad/lonely/conflicted? That performance was unforgettable. The whole thing is Heartbreaking. 28 years old and now he's a corpse. Ugh. What was he on? I think I have an idea but what good is it to speculate?

The news coverage is endless and there's nothing being said or to say. It's sad. What more? Get back to the election. This morning I did Yoga to the Grateful Dead. I downloaded a massive amount of live Dead over the weekend and I am feeling it. "He's Gone" came on. That's a good song. It's all sad.

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