Empire State of Mind

Empire State of Mind

Andy Cohen loves a real NYC housewife.

If you awoke with a jolt and are wondering why you have a mysterious spring in your step this morning, that's because tonight is BIG on Bravo. The O.C. finale is one of the best and most dramatic in its five seasons, and the NYC premiere is just dramz and LOLs from start to
finish. At midnight I am live with Bethenny, so stick around for more fun after the shows are over.

I was walking into the gym this morning and a REAL Real Housewife of  NYC was bitching away at the front desk guy — really ripping him a new one — about the INDECENCY of the lady next to her in her yoga class who was wearing SHEER yoga pants and a g string and showing off her kibbles and bits for her and everyone else to see.

"It was DIS-GUSTING!!!!!!!!" the lady said. She also said she was "NOT KIDDING AROUND." (New York ladies love to tell you they are SERIOUS, see, cuz they ARE.)

She said to "DO SOMETHING" about the gal with the sheer yoga pants. The Equinox counter attendant looked like he certainly had no plans to get into that situation. (Most men in NYC just let the ladies clean up their messes.) I LOVE NEW YORK HOUSEWIVES. I really do.

I also love the reunions the Today show has been serving up all week. I was concurrently depressed and amazed by the Partridge "kids" the other day, and last night at dinner, Bravo scheduling guru Jerry Leo told me I'd not only missed Eight is Enough but also 227.
227!?! Jackee!? Marla!?!? I hustled like a NY Housewife to my computer and indulged in the magesty of the 227 cast and then plunged into deep melancholia by the Eight is Enough bunch.

Speaking of reunions, at midnight I'm going to have a wee preview of O.C. via stuff I shot on my flipcam. (We'll post it all online too.) See you then!


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