Despite losing, Andy and the Bravo gang live it up in LA.

We lost. "Double loser," is what I kept calling myself all night. Halfway through the evening I was preaching to Bruce that the only way to have fun at that sort of occasion was to win... But somewhere around midnight the groove kicked in and it was a blast.

The ceremony itself was okay. We were seated behind the stage. Behind the "Amazing Race" crew sat one Top Chef clump and another Runway clump. During the retardando "Jersey Boys" tribute to the "Sopranos", a colleague emailed me "help!". I couldn't agree more. When you're in the house, they play clips from Emmys past during commercial breaks. The clips only made me depressed that I wasn't there to see MTM and Harvey Korman and Isabel Sanford and Lucy. I really really don't give a crap about America Ferrara or "Lost" or Helen freakin' Mirren, so the clips just reminded me of a time in the way past that I loved every single TV show. By the way, don't show us your boobs Helen Mirren. Just please don't.

Ryan Seacrest seemed to bomb in the house. I wonder if it was the same at home. I think he's good at his ten jobs, but they should've either gotten him great writers or had him absolutely not stab at humor. We all took a shot from a flask of whiskey before our category. Then we lost and, oddly, did not have another. Tony Bennett performed at the Governor's Ball. After that, we hit the valet line. It seems that Julia Louis Dreyfus' car arrived waaaay before she did. Neil Patrick Harris told us he was heading to the People party to hear Duran Duran. We told him we were heading to the Magical Elves party to get hammered and chillax with our peeps. He was tempted to join but went to sniff some LeBon.

It was a great amalgamation of Elves and Chefs and Designers gathered in West Hollywood to mourn our losses and rue Phil Keoghan. Ilan Hall was there and so was Miguel. I'd seen Laura Bennett at the ceremony and Nick Verreos joined our party. He is so fun: I love it every time I see him.  Padma headed home or to the HBO party, but we raged on and on.  The Bravo people know how to give it up.

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