Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

Andy Cohen contemplates Page Six and the NYC waterfalls.

I am curious what the fallout is from Jeff Lewis' spying on his employees with his nannycam. What did ya think of THAT? I am still jetlagged to hell and keep having to duck out of dinners at 10pm to get my ass to bed, which is both lame and kind of great. I ventured to the Seaport area on Monday night and had sushi right by the Brooklyn Bridge with an amazing view of one of the New York City Waterfalls, installation by Olafur Eliasson. Who woulda thunk a Waterfall sprouting up from nothing in the middle of a river off of NYC? What will Olafur Eliasson think of NEXT?? It's up until October 13, by the way.

We were really transfixed by the waterfall until a massive manhunt started in the sky above us as a police helicopter circled above us shining a spotlight on our area in hopes of finding a drug dealer, killer, great tuna tataki on our table, or Britney. I wonder if they found what they were looking for... NEW YORK POST today is insanity. Page 3 features Jamie Lynn Spears, her bastard daughter, and her declaration "now I'll be a soccer mom!". Oh joy! Page 5 features a report that chewing your food thoroughly means consuming fewer calories. On Page 6, a stripper who claims to have done it with A-Rod 2x publicly declares her support for his wife Cynthia. So we finally know where Candice Houlihan of "Centerfolds" stands on this issue.
A shrink says on page 15 that not only is Peter Cook a masturbating-lovin' cookoo, Christie is pretty wacky, too, and needs anger help! On Page 23 there's a big picture of Eliot Spitzer's hooker wearing a bikini top in a parking lot of a Jersey Beach. Ashley, America's favorite whore, is shopping a reality show. How darling! In lighter fare, Cindy Adams breaks the news that celebs are planning to attend the US Open! Headline news...

CAB REPORT: Once again, I barely looked up from my NY POST to even take in my surroundings in the cab. The fare was $10.50 and I gave him $1.50 tip AND my copy of the POST. He didn't thank me; they never do.

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