Donde esta Faccondo?

Donde esta Faccondo?

Andy Cohen dishes on his night on the town and his summer reading list.

Tonight is big on Bravo. It's that turning point episode where both NYC Prep and Miami Social go from good to great. I don't know why or how to explain it, but that's what hit me as we were in post on both shows. It might be the fact that the cameras had been on our teens and Miamians for enough time that they were totally comfortable and forgot they were even there. Anyway, it gets really real and I recommend both shows. 

Last night was such a classic meandering "come along for the ride" NYC night. I'd planned to stay home and catch up with my DVR and myself, but it didn't work out quite that way.

I was up at Minetta Tavern for a late dinner and the non-shocker is that it was a total scene last night. First we ran into some Housewives-lovin' Tisches and then Clive Davis joined our group and might possibly have regretted it given how I pummeled him for info and gave him advice re: Whitney's first single.

(If you care I wish they'd start with "A Song For You" but I know they won't because it's a cover.  Clive nodded when I said all that ... so I'm guessing it's between "Million Dollar Bill" and "I Didn't Know My Own Strength," which I was singing all day yesterday, having heard it all of one time. "I Look To You" seems like a contender too. And this is a very boring paragraph for anyone who a) Doesn't care or b) wasn't at the listening party, which pretty much covers all 10 of you.)

So we wound up at Splash Musical Mondays, which is a big gay salute to Broadway in a clubby setting. It is unabashed in it's celebration of, say the finale of "A Chorus Line." We joined in and wound up flirting with a cop and meeting the hottest Brazilian in NYC. (His name is Faccondo and he is better than Madonna's Jesus.) We spied Paul Shaeffer splitting with friends as Jeniffer Holliday warbled "And I'm Telling You ...." I wondered what brought him to Splash Musical Mondays and everyone quickly reminded me that he wrote "It's Raining Men." OK then! That explains it!

In other news, Mary Jo Buttafuoco has really bad instincts. Her first mistake was marrying Joey. Her second mistake was opening her Massapequa door without looking through the peephole. (Had she looked and seen that little whore Amy Fisher standing on her stoop maybe she coulda saved herself a bullet in her skull.) Her third issue was deciding to wait 18 years after she was the talk of the nation to wrote a tell-all book. She might've made major coin for GETTING IT THROUGH MY THICK SKULL in the '90s, right???

Anyway, the title is hilarity and I plan to read it. As soon as I read Melissa Gilbert's book, by which Liza swears.  

And if you would like to take this moment to laugh in my face and accuse me of never reading a book, then let me point out that I read American Wife in France a couple weeksa go and really enjoyed it. It's that fictional take on Laura Bush's life. It made me  sympathetic to LB for the first time.

Have a great day.


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