Disturbia In Suburbia

Disturbia In Suburbia

Andy Cohen blogs from a Top Secret location.

Thanks for all your posts yesterday about your "Real Housewives" rage. All have been read, processed and duly noted by me. And again - we're shooting the reunion in a few weeks and if you have a question just shoot it my way HERE and I will do my best to ask.

Last night's "Chef" was kind of a whomper in it's own way as well, huh? Do you think Ariane was a victim of Lea and Hosea's ChefCrush? Or did she do herself in? I wonder... And in the meantime, if you have a question for our Chef reunion, you can ask that right HERE.

The truth is that I am in an undisclosed location shooting a Top Secret show right now and I don't have time to crap out a blog that even pretends to make sense... I will come back to reality tomorrow.

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