Dispatch from St. Louis

Dispatch from St. Louis

Andy celebrates Passover and clears up some rumors.

Hi from St. Louis. And Happy Passover. And Happy Easter! And, take a look at this cake. Do you see this cake?

It's a freaking Kosher For Passover Manischewitz cake that my mom made out of a box and it is so freaking good and so fattening that by the time you read this I will have eaten it all. Why is it so good even though it doesn't have Christian ingredients?? 

The ritual at my folk's place is to apparently watch AC360 at the loudest possible volume imaginable. It freaks me out and makes my head hurt. But if I hadn't been hearing 360, I wouldn't have heard darling Levi Johnston say that the biggest misconception about him is that he's white trash, which is funny because I always pegged him for a member of the literati. If he moved to NYC he would be a hit on the Lower East Side.

I lay in bed and flip around the box like a madman before bed. There are six different Sex and the City episodes on simultaneously and that's my idea of a beautiful thing. Mario Lopez is kind of good on Extra and compared to ET that show is like McNeal Lehrer. Did you see Frankie Avalon's toupee on Idol the other night? Did you see Reese Witherspoon with Jay Leno the other night and then turn to Russell Brand with David Letterman?? Which did YOU prefer? (It was quite a juxtaposition.)

Because I sleep hard in St. Louis, I also dream hard. Last night I had such a detailed romp with Michelle Obama involving me and my girl strolling in the West Village going deeper than deep.  I want to be BFs with her.

And this morning I am meandering online and see that the National Enquirer is "reporting" some awful stuff about former Top Chef host Katie Lee Joel that's getting picked up all over the place and repeated and repeated. And it's not true and she posted something on her Facebook saying so which is what compels me to write something further. She's crazy about her husband. And when will people stop believing everything they read? (Not including this blog.)

Have a great Easter weekend!


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