Dispatch from My Emmy Weekend

Dispatch from My Emmy Weekend

Andy Cohen shares his Emmy and post-show party experience.

It is too early in the morning for me to be blogging, but I'm en route to NBC Burbank to do a live shot on Today about the Emmys, and if I'm blabbing to Kathie Lee and Hoda about them then I gots to talk to you first. It was a fun weekend all the way around, puncuated by two fantastic hairdos from Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi. More on that later....

Friday night was a Rosh Hashanah dinner and screening (very Bel-Air) at the home of some Hollywood legends. (This town is run by the Jews, see ...). Saturdays in L.A. can either be amazing or wrist-slitting; I started mine with a run at Equinox gawking at the beautiful people, thereby enabling me to turn my frown upside down. I had lunch with my old friend Ricki Lake, who is as great as ever. (It's her b'day today so put that in your datebook.)

Saturday night I went with the incredible Holly Hunter to the "Evening Before" Party, which is a very very swank affair — the kind of party where you walk in, look around, and realize that everyone around you is superfamous. So it was a lot of fancy superstars looking exquisite in the beautiful L.A night. After the cocktail moment, everybody schlepped to another area surrounded by booths of really cool stuff to do, like get baseballs signed by St. Louis Cardinals legend Ozzie Smith. I got one. (Go Cards!)

I split and headed to the NBC Universal Party at Spago, which was every NBC, Bravo, SyFy, and USA star you could imagine, plus Barbara Eden (Whaa.) The highlight of the party was Padma's homage to Sharon Tate, which I captured with my incredibly crappy Blackberry cam ....


Padma was wearing a sequin mini and just looked great (as always). Tom and Gail and Toby and Kathy Griffin and Jenni Pulos and everybody from The Office looked good too but give me a Sharon Tate moment, ladies!!! I loves it! From there it was further hijinx and a run-in with Donna Mills, but all that is for another blog.

Yesterday was a first birthday party for my pal's adorable baby (a Gay-by), then a quick change to head over to the Emmys early early early. The red carpet was as hot as Hades and I didn't get to see NeNe whatsoever, but it was fun to be there and it is the greatest people-watching you can imagine. Here's a crappy pic of me with Bravo GM Frances Berwick, who looks AMAZING in Catherine Malandrino.


I wish I would've taken a pic of Padma's homage to Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra but it wouldn't have done it justice. This was an intense masterpiece of a hairdo that was Shear Genius. We also ran into Kristin Wig (love her) and hilarious couple Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, who seem to be Watch What Happens Live viewers. (Exciting).

Thought the show was fantastic, with a great job by Neil Patrick Harris. Jimmy Fallon was awesome, loved Bob Newhart, and I loved all the weird upsets. That "thing" happened to us in the audience where we start thinking that maybe, just maybe, we had a shot at winning. But Amazing Race won for the 50th time and so zzzzzzz. I actually would've been excited if American Idol won. E-nuf! I also don't get the concept of other award shows winning awards.  So boo to the Oscars getting an award, and boo to the notion of the Emmys getting one at next year's Emmys! Stop the mad-ness!

After the show we went to the Governor's Ball which was lovely. Then we hightailed it to see Mary J. Blige perform at the ET/People party. Wowza. I looove me some MJB!!! Among all the hoipaloi we also saw Make Me A Supermodel winner Branden and hung out extensively with Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos. There's no one more fun than them. After the ET/People bash we hit the Magical Elves Party, which seems like only two vodka sodas ago, and now I am sitting here about to go on TV and talk to Hoda about it all again .... 

Have a good day.


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