Dispatch from ATL

Dispatch from ATL

Andy Cohen dishes about his stay so far in Atlanta while he and the ladies tape the reunion.

I am in Atlanta shooting the Real Housewives reunion. Last night I had dinner at the counter of the South City Kitchen in Midtown ATL (near our shoot today) and had a crazy flashback that I'd been there before. Duh — I took Bobby Brown to lunch there during the Being Bobby Brown era and it was at that restaurant where we struck a deal for him to do a special Christmas episode of the show. And what a special it was!

Anyway the smoked beef briscuit was good and the mac and cheese was disappointing. But I'm not Gail Simmons so I should shut my trap. Speaking of that lovely lady, I ran into her at Minetta Tavern on Friday night in NYC.  When I see Gail out at a restaurant, I feel like I'm in the right place, you know what I'm saying?

In other NYC news, I want to move to the 18th Floor of the Standard Hotel, and this weekend I began that process by spending as many post-midnight hours there as possible. It is the greatest space to open in NYC in many many years. The views, the vibe, the glamour, the waitresses uniforms, the decor (art deco meets '70s explosion), the music (piano/bass/drum ensemble giving way to DJ w/ roaming sax player), the crowd (anything goes in all ages), and on and on and on ... It's fun, is all. And close to my pad.

This morning in the hotel gym they were serving tangerine and cinnamon water. Oh hey, you know who wants tangerine and cinnamon water after a workout? NO ONE! Oh hey, you now who wants tangerine and cinnamon water EVER? No one! Water aside, I am strapping on my armour in preparation of today's festivities. We have A LOT of ground to cover, don't we??

By the way, there's a new Million Dollar Listing on tonight. I love that show!


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