Dillinger's Penis

Dillinger's Penis

Andy lets you in on what to expect in part 2 of the Jersey Reunion.

So tonight is part 2 of the New Jersey reunion. We really get down and dirty, and it's especially interesting to hear Danielle's responses to tough questions in light of new allegations from her ex boyfriend (who's apparently got a sex tape he's hawking) and the release of new documents from her various court cases. Whoa.

Last night I was at the Time Warner Center (not my fave place) for a Jess Cagle/Entertainment Weekly-hosted screening of "Public Enemies" starring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard, who won the Oscar for "La Vie en Rose." It's directed by Michael Mann and it's the story of the 30's bank robber John Dillinger. I really enjoyed it; I love the look and feel of a Michael Mann film, and Bale and Depp were spectacular. I DO, though, have some really specific notes. Here's what: La Cotillard developed a euro-accent halfway through the movie. So that's no-good. I don't know how dry the print is, but she may have some looping in her future.

And didn't I read in Vanity Fair that Dillinger had an enormous, um, penis? This isn't really adressed in the film (beyond him referring to it as Prince Albert) but is THAT why Cotillard's accent changed around the time her character started sleeping with Dillinger? I speculate... It's all speculation..

After the film, we continued our 30's deco vibe with dinner at The Monkey Bar. It was owner Graydon Carter and Calvin Klein and Liz Smith and Richard Johnson and you name it. And everybody was eating red velvet cake so how deco can you get??

Oh and what says "family values" more than a piece of red velvet cake from Monkey Bar? Hey I know: how about South Carolina Republican Governor Mark Sanford, who is against civil unions, gay adoptions, and same sex marriage - but was just forced into admitting cheating on his wife and 4 kids! Mark Sanford has his priorities in order, doesn't he!? May the Lord bless you with a piece of red velvet cake, Governor! Mazel! You've got it all figured out, buddy... And it was great seeing you crying like a little girl yesterday.

And back to my gay rights pulpit. I got a lot of comments yesterday wondering why I didn't call Tamra out on calling Slade a homo. The reason is that Tamra apologized immediately and was circumspect about it. Had Teresa said, "oh hey I get why this might be offensive" I would've shut up. And, by the way, I love Teresa and her husband (who I've never met) and maybe she was so irritated by Danielle that she just didn't want to deal with it. Or not. I don't know but isn't this topic v yesterday at this point?

I mean it literally IS yesterday because tonight at 9 we'll be serving up a whole NEW batch of talking points. I am going to attempt to twitter during the show, so we'll see how that goes.

I leave you with a preview of tonight:

CAB REPORT: the bottom line is that Joel Appiah in good ole 5Y24 aims to please... He likes to blast Britney in the cab and doesn't let his incessant chitchatting on the phone deter him from periodic passenger check-ins. "You ok boss?" or "Sir, you like more music?". Chaotic? Yes! Service oriented? You bet! I dig Joel!

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