Dig It

Dig It

Andy Cohen on Lisa Rinna, The Price is Right, and a hoppin' night at the Waverly.


Last night's "Top Chef" is inspiring a lot of chatter today. Many are pissed by the judge's decision, but I think with the combo of their disappointment in so many dishes, and their helping each other out made it the right thing to do.

And if you're pissed, will it make you happy to know that two chefs are going home next time??? I hate double eliminations, but I have a feeling you'll dig what goes down next week. Dig?

By the way, can we please bring back the word "dig"!?! Who do I have to talk to and how can you not dig "dig", dig??

I was diggin' the vibe last night at the Waverly Inn. I didn't even mind crossing some sort of a picket line to get in. (The issue: the people who own the building are alleged slumlords who are trying to evict residents of the Jane Street Hotel.)

Inside was Hugh Jackman, Rupert Murdoch, Bruce Weber, Ivanka Trump, Diane von Furstenberg, Joel Schumacher, and many more. The topics of convo inside were: what are the picketers protesting, Madoff the rat, Caroline Kennedy's Senate appointment, and whether $95 for Truffle Mac and Cheese is appropriate in the shadow of Madoff.

Nobody upon nobody seemed to be chatting about that dude on Monday's "The Price is Right" who guessed the value of the Showcase Showdown TO THE DOLLAR! I guess I'm the only guy not jaded enough to think that's amazing. (Or actually I think I am the only loser who cares.) The bigger point of interest is how much host Drew Carey DIDN'T seem to care. Get with the TPIR program, Drew! (Rosie would've cared!! Shit, she would've CRIED!)

Do you realize that "The Young and the Restless" is taped right down the hall from TPIR? And do you realize that one of Germany's worst exports, Eric Braeden, has been "playing" Victor Newman essentially forever on that show? And do you realize that the New York Times got out their crack pipes a few weeks ago and decided that now's the time for a big-ass profile of Mr. Braeden in the Sunday Arts and Leisure section? It ran last weekend but I've spent the last few days trying to figure out WHY. They didn't seem to mention or realize that soap operas are on the verge of extinction. Weird.

I read this morning that Lisa Rinna is considering posing for Playboy. Lemme help with that decision: Don't! And she has a book coming out called RINNAVATION: GETTING YOUR BEST LIFE EVER. Rinnavation. That is funny. I dig. I am betwizzled and carumphered this morning. I took a great run at Equinox, hustled my sweaty face home to shower only to discover that the water in my building had been shut down for the day. Very NYC. I rebooted, went back to the gym, showered, shaved (I hate shaving at the gym) and hit the subway, which delivered me to Rock Center in about four minutes. The subway is where it's at and I have wasted too much dough on cabs.

It sounds like a freaking RIOT is going on below my office today. But I'm digging it nonetheless.

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