Did Kathy and Levi Make Babies?

Did Kathy and Levi Make Babies?

Kathy brings a surprising date to the Teen Choice Awards.

It is a gorgeous summer day here in NYC.  It's hot, but I think it's supposed to be. It's August, right?

So last night were the Teen Choice Awards, which is an event with equal importance to me as Arbor Day, and Kathy Griffin was the belle of the ball. And she was there with MY MAN. That's right, she brought Levi Johnston as her date.

The lady knows how to get PR, I'll tell you that. I am praying for all our sake (and for the viewers of her next standup special) that she had a looong night of making Levibabies at her house. We know that he's very fertile, so I hope he gave KG a brother or sister for he and Bristol's darling bambino.

Tonight, by the way, is the finale of D List and it features the hilarious unveiling of KG's star at the Palm Springs Walk of Fame with Barry Manilow, Carol Channing, and Suzanne Somers.  That's star power!

We stopped by the launch party for Bethenny's Skinnygirl line at the Montauk Yacht Club Saturday night and you'd be interested to know that the only other NY Housewife in attendance was Kelly B. Interesting! That recently redone Montauk Yacht Club is fantastic, by the way.

Have you seen the clip of Nene and Kim going AT IT after Watch What Happens Live? Here it is in case you missed it:


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