Deviled Egg

Deviled Egg

Andy Cohen reflects on his favorite summer treat.

Last night, former TOP CHEF host Katie Lee Joel was toasted at the Hudson Hotel book party for her new cookbook, THE COMFORT TABLE. It's an unpretentious and beautiful book full of the West Virginia home cooking that made that girl who she is today.

Gail Simmons was there looking beautiful. I love her. I think her nickname from now on should be "peppermint". I don't know why. I stuffed my face with KLJ treats like fiesta wontons, macaroni and cheese, and these thin patty melt-like hamburgers that Katie calls Logan County hamburgers.

I also ate a lot of deviled eggs, which got me really pumped for the summer and the Persky's endless supply of deviled eggs. It also reminded me of what has been sitting on my counter, torturing me for a few weeks:  Liza gave me a deviled egg white chocolate candy to remind me of the great deviled eggs I get at her house on Shelter Island. The thing is that I really don't know what to do with it. If it were a deviled egg I would eat it, but it is a white chocolate deviled egg, which just makes me pause. White chocolate always makes me pause cuz I dinna like it, but a savory confection done up in white chocolate? I don't get it. (And what is the 'yolk' made of?) Not since Liza gave me a "General Hospital" lunchbox (last year) have I been so tortured by a gift. I do appreciate the thought! And the thought of them savory eggs waiting for me on Memorial Day is also a sweet notion. I bet it was expensive, too. I bet it was five dollars. (That is an expensive piece of candy.)

My yoga teacher showed up at my door this morning bright and early. After we did our thing I asked her if she wanted the egg. She didn't. I offered it to my doorman, Surfin, on the way out. He quickly declined. If I'd told him it was from Liza he would've eaten it with the cellophane wrapper; I sense he would like to do the same with Liza. I was going to offer it to the kids at Bonisgnoir but there was tumult and trauma due to a busted espresso maker and they were not in a fun mood. No joking at Bonisignoir until that machine is fixed!

I decided to do what I do with my newspaper in the morning, leave it on the seat of my cab for the next passenger to enjoy.  The egg looked too sad to leave on the seat. Someone deserved this egg. My taxi driver was out of the question as we were at war following his refusal to go up 8th avenue after I'd asked him politely. No egg for you, taxi driver!

I decided to bring it to Bravo with the thought that my assistant Anthony will eat just about anything. Success!  In other news: the B-52's were on Leno last night. It was weird, like watching them perform at your grandpa's house. They were great though. Dolly is performing "Jesus and Gravity" on IDOL tonight people!

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