Deviant Ingredient

Deviant Ingredient

Andy Cohen dishes on the Make Me A Supermodel parties.

It's overcast in Manhattan today and just wrap me in a comforter until tonight, por favor. I flew in from LA yesterday and learned on the plane that soon BlackBerrys will send and receive emails in the air. How about we make that NOT happen? I like my 5 hours of undisturbed time.The dude next to me on the plane - the hefty bro with the croup - kept inadvertently taking sips from my diet coke. So I would get a new diet coke and then his bear claw would grab it and contaminate it with his croupjuice and I would have to start all over again. Grodie.

We had two "Make Me A Supermodel" parties last night to celebrate the show and the models and life. They were quite fun! Casey was there with his bro and Jay was with his sister. Frankie was there with his girlfriend, Frankie. Yes - Frankie's girlfriend is named Frankie. This means that during nako-time they are both likely screaming "Frankie!" to each other. That's so Supermodel.

Tyson was there looking like a crisp million dollar bill, but what else is new. Cori and New York Models have their eyes on more than just the winner of the show, that much is clear. Stay tuned for more on that. Dominick, Mayor of Supermodel's Excuses Village, is quite a DJ. He usually spins in LA but his talents translate to the East Coast. Did you buy your BRONNIE shirt yet? I thought the boys looked kinda adorable in their matchy matchies. Add the B-52's "Juliet of the Spirits" and "Deviant Ingredient" to the 24/7 playlist rotating through my brain. "Touch My Body" is still in heavy rotation up there too. Have a good weekend.

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