DeShawn Returns!

DeShawn Returns!

The former Real Housewife of Atlanta stops by Andy Cohen's office.

There's a lot going on here at Bravo! I am dying to hear your thoughts on the Top Chef: Las Vegas premiere as well as the Masters finale.

Kim and I were on the TODAY show twice this morning discussing tonight's huge lineup on Bravo. The extended producer's cut airing at 9 is going to leave your mouth hanging open, but I want you to close it (and your legs to married men) because at 10 the ladies are all back in one room together for a private viewing of the King Tut exhibit (you can't write this stuff) in a supersized premiere episode. Around 12:15, I'll be live in the Bravo Clubhouse with Kim, Jeff Lewis, and Anderson Cooper taking your calls and questions.

I took Jeff and Jenni to Morandi last night and they are such fantastic company and very, very amusing. I really love their show, and them. 

I keep getting questions about what Season 1 ATL Housewife DeShawn is up to, and she stopped by my office yesterday to tell you herself!  Take it away, Shawnee!


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