Defense of AbFab

Defense of AbFab

Andy Cohen defends the remake of the cult BBC hit.

It is so sunny here today I almost wore a t-shirt to work but it turns out that its cold out. I have spring fever.

Last night was a party celebrating the publication of Bethenny Frankel's soon-to-be bestselling book NATURALLY THIN at Japonais on E 18th Street. Upon entering, I walked right, smack into Ramona … which is always entertaining. We dissected the season for about 20 minutes. Bethenny looked FANTASTIC; I can't get over her body! Her book is great and I am thrilled for her success.

As pictures from the set have leaked online, there's been a lot of mostly negative chatter about the AbFab remake currently filming in Los Angeles. The pilot stars Kristen Johnston as Patsy and Kathryn Hahn (Revolutionary Road) as Eddy. I have to put a stop to all the nonsense
about how much this show is going to suck by telling you that there are elements at play that make me think this show will be great. First of all, my friend Kristen Johnston is the PERFECT person to play Patsy, and will absolutely KILL YOU in this part. As a huge fan of the original, I
am GLEEFUL about her casting. They couldn't have done it better …

Here's a pic she sent me from the set:


Sweetie, this is a lady who ALREADY uses "sweetie" in just about every sentence. She says the script is hilarious, that Jennifer Saunders is very involved, and that they're not doing a direct rip on the UK version. They're making it their own. Give it a chance.  

One thing is for sure, they cannot screw it up as much as my beloved Kath and Kim has been tarnished. Molly Shannon remains a favorite of mine, but UGH. Have you seen the clips of Ari Fleisher's fight with Chris Matthews? Seeing that made me realize that he is at the TOP of my BAD FOR THE JEWS list. OMG, the very worst! 

CAB REPORT: I did take one today, but I had my head in my Blackberry the whole time and can't really report on anything. How lucky are we that Andy's Blog reader John C took his very first trip to Manhattan recently and e-mailed me HIS cab report. Take it away John C:

CAB 1g86: Nick Pipelias picked me up outside the MET, and quickly became confused as to the location of my hotel. I learned very fast that it's pointless to give location names to cabbies, you have to know the streets and avenues for everywhere you're going. He was pretty quiet the rest of the way, while I enjoyed the cabbie TV in the backseat. I use the term "enjoyed" loosely, as the TVs became quite annoying after my second cab ride. As I went to pay with my credit card, I was yelled at and referred to a red light that wasn't blinking. Apparently no blinking means "no credit cards?" The fare was $8, and I tipped $2.

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