Deep Breath

Deep Breath

Andy Cohen recalls his weekend in the Grenadines.

First things first: There was a hair clip in my cab to work today. So some lady is running around NYC on this rainy day without her clip. If you see her -- tell her it's in cab 4N90. On the seat. On the right side. If you call the Taxi and Limo Commission, I am sure it will be in the lost and found bin by day's end. I'm sure of it.

There's a monsoon in New York City this morning, but I am totally down with it because I started the day with yoga. Why don't I start every day that way?? What is my problem? I just returned from a few days in the Grenadines, which isn't hurting my mood today either. After a cookoo week, it was perfect to split town and hit the islands on Thursday. Getting there was drama, though. Sitting on a prop plane from St. Lucia to Union Island, I sensed trouble as we aborted our landing and the pilot fidgeted with some gadgetry up front. Turns out he couldn't get the landing gear down, and then -- after another loop around the island, couldn't get it to LOCK.

Did you know that the human body is capable of turning into one large throbbing sweat gland? And that there are pores everywhere from which sweat can secrete? It's true! I bet that lady without her hair clip is feeling the same way right NOW. I want that clip-less lady to know that miracles happen, and that just like you're gonna find that clip, it turns out that I was on the li'l prop plane that could.

The highlight of the weekend, beyond sun and food and dolphins and hikes and all that, was reading a book called CALL ME BY YOUR NAME by Andre Aciman. This book killed me. Floored me. Did me in. It's a love story that is so beautifully written that I've already started reading it again. Whoever you are, Andre, I love you. It was another terrifying landing coming into the eye of the Nor'Easter yesterday. But I made it. And when I landed there was an email from my mom saying she was worried that I wasn't going to be able to land in the "NorthEasterner....or whatever you call it." That was funny! CALL ME BY YOUR NAME!!!

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