Deceptively Delicious

Deceptively Delicious

Andy Cohen attends Jessica Seinfeld's book launch, and gets to meet his idol!

Last night was the book party to celebrate the publication of Jessica Seinfeld's DECEPTIVELY DELICIOUS. The stylish cookbook features a phalanx of recipes for tasty, but healthy, family food loaded with veggies hidden inside so your kiddies won't know that their brownies or mac and cheese are loaded with deception aka veggies. The book will either start a revolution in kitchens across America or make a lot of moms really happy.

The party was at the Core Club and within the fancypants walls were served trays of tuna salad on pita, mozzarella sticks, mini hamburgers, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, quesadillas, and more. All of the food contained dreaded items like zucchini, carrots, broccoli, beets, chickpeas and I think you get the idea. And guess what kiddies, you couldn't taste the veggies! The author (Lady Seinfeld) was in violet with what I would like to call a ponytail, but there may be a fancier name. I love a girl at night in a ponytail. Her husband was in a Ralph Lauren suit and I got him going about how uneasy he was about the Mets game. (They wound up losing to my Cardinals.) We also discussed his 30 ROCK appearance next week.

Kelly Ripa was a dream in a purple, Cynthia Vincent dress. She took a healthy brownie on her way out to serve to Pat Sajak during host chat this morning on Regis. (Sajak is filling in for redhead Reeg.) I would wonder if she did serve him the brownie if my mind wasn't so consumed with the fact that she was responsible for my big highlight of the night, my week, my month: meeting Ralph Lauren. Wow. I am a big, big Ralph Lauren fan. A lifer. I go into the Bleecker Street store any weekend I am in town and I love shopping the sales at (there's always good stuff on sale). Chances are that if you see me I am wearing Ralph Lauren, especially Black Label, of which I am obsessed. Black Label is, I think, their newest line for men and it is really modern and tailored and sharp and hip in a classic, RL way.

So anyway, I am standing there talking to Kelly - and Mr. Lauren and his wife Ricky come over to say hello to her. I was introduced and that was nice. They talked for a bit and I stood and agreed with them about how great the weather has been in the Hamptons the last few weeks (even though I have not been there in the last few weeks). As I fervently nodded in agreement, I stared at his suit and his look and his Ralph Lauren-ness and just took it all in.

So as they left, he shakes my hand and says "nice suit!" (I was wearing a blue linen Ralph Lauren Black Label suit.) "It's yours," I said. "I know," he replied. I am flummoxed and fatootzed that this man has thousands of suits with his name on them and is able to pick one out at a dark party. Am I the only one impressed with that? Can every designer do that? I thought it rather amazing, and said a lot about him. The man is not phoning it in, people. Once I got over that, and the fact that my collar had been cocked up to one side during the entire conversation, I ran into Katie Lee Joel. She was on Bravo all day yesterday as we ran a marathon of "Top Chef" season 1, which to me is like watching an early episode of the Simpsons. I loved Season 1. What about the chefs SITTING at judges table with the judges? It was too informal, we thought, and I remember being obsessed with seeing the backs of the chairs. KLJ has a cookbook coming out next year. And I like her a lot.

For more on the book DECEPTIVELY DELICIOUS, tune into Oprah on October 8th. The food really is good. I refused to eat veggies when I was a kid so it would've saved my mom a lot of headaches in 1974. In other news, I spoke with Bruce at the end of last night as he was watching the local news in Washington DC. The Eyewitless News anchorlady's name was "Maureen Bunion". Is there anything funnier than the names of local news people? No.

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