December NYC Weekend

December NYC Weekend

Andy Cohen enjoys Broadway and Will Smith.

Friday night I went with a beautiful girl to a preview of the new Broadway musical "Spring Awakening," featuring music by Duncan Sheik. It is the classic play set to music in the style of, for lack of better example, "Rent." The music is superb and I can't wait for the cast album to come out on December 12th.

There is a number that revolves around a guy, uhm, "pleasuring himself" onstage, which I'm sure was a first for the Eugene O'Neill theater. We sat next to -- and fell in love with -- a 22-year-old Australian musical theater student called Zach, who is here for his summer vacation staying at a hostel and going to musicals every night by himself. He waited in the lottery for "Wicked" tickets four nights in a row before getting into the show. Can you believe that Zach loved it!? I was shocked! Zach loved "Wicked" and I am calling with the exclusive. We loved Zach so much that we invited him to dinner after the show. Just FYI, I do not invite random strangers to dinner with me (I barely invite people I know to dinner), but this angel-eyed 22-year-old was an exception. My date and I saw something in him, and at din he told us that he is bisexual and goes where the wind takes him, which may explain what we saw in him. We bought him a steak at the Palm. How else is Zach going to eat? If you see him this week at, say, "Company", please buy him a drink.

Saturday I TCB'd it in an extraordinary Xmastime way. That night I found out about a new subset of the gay bear community. I never knew that Asian Bears were called Panda Bears -- did YOU know that?? Sunday I met a pal for some Xmas shopping and wound up buying exclusively for my longtermlover, ME. I spent a wad a the white-hot new UNIQLO, the Japanese cashmere and casuals mart that recently landed in Soho. It's the Gap and H&M combined -- fashion and cheap and fresh and new. The kind of clothes you either live in or wear once and give to charity and don't care.

Padma Lakshmi called to say she just logged onto my blog to read two days worth of drama re: my joke and her clothes and antisemitism. She was one of the people who got the joke and thought it was funny, so that was good to hear! Reminder: the lady is in a bikini top for a portion of Wednesday's episode, so duck and cover!

Sunday night we taped the "Moving Image Salutes Will Smith" (It'll air on Bravo on January 12th) at the Waldorf-Astoria. For all of you who may not be aware, we're suffering from a new cab fare hike in NYC that was somehow secretly foisted on us taxi-takers. There was no vote or real notification, but the cab ride from my apartment to the Waldorf was the cost of a fancy dinner in St. Louis.

Will Smith is everything you'd want him to be -- handsome and the nicest guy you could meet. His kid Jaden is cooler than the Fonz. Jamie Foxx is superhot and I blithered to him about "Dreamgirls." I talked to Will's mom Caroline about our love for boat life. We were both cruising around Greece at the same time in August. Oh, Caroline.

I spoke with Queen Latifah about "Hairspray" -- she plays Motormouth Maybelle in the film, which we're all going to be talking about exactly a year from now. The announcer introduced Bill Pullman as "Bull Pillman." It was funny! We need to leave it in the show, but not everyone may have found this as hilarious as I! Jamie Foxx riffed about being in bed with Oprah and Gayle, and then said "you're not putting this in the show, right?" Hopefully it will make the cut -- we had some technical problems which extended the night a bit longer than we'd planned, but the emotion and love coming from Will Smith's table kept the entire room engaged. It will be a great show.

When I got home, I fell into a DVRhole. If you haven't seen Dakota Fanning discussing Proust, I mean Charlotte's Web, on Oprah, you might want to log onto that insanity in motion. For fear of nightmares, I went grazing for cinema and got sucked into "Star Wars: Episode 3." Oh Anakin, you kill me. I bet Zach would like "Episode 3." Zach, where are you?!?

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