Dear Carol Burnett

Dear Carol Burnett

Andy Cohen visits his childhood home for sentimental valuables.

I spent the weekend in St. Louis with Bruce celebrating my Mom's mega birthday. I also said goodbye to the house I grew up in; my parents are succumbing to condo-mania in 2 months. I am a nostalgic guy, and have been slowly packing my knives to go on each visit home, but this was IT, time to grab anything with a hint of connection.

I left no Snoopy unturned. How could I pass up my beloved book "Dear Carol Burnett?" It is, as the cover says, a collection of children's poems sent to Carol Burnett. I don't know why Carol received so many poems written by some of our most gifted children, but there are certainly enough to fill a book and, given that they are touching as all hell, this tome must've been on the bestseller list for most of '77. From the same book nook, Bruce grabbed an old copy of Hollywood Husbands for the road. On a whim, I gave him a 1982 US magazine with covergirl Cheryl Ladd, an offer I regretted almost the moment the words spilled from my big mouth.

Is it art, a rubik's cube, nostalgia, or all of the above!? You can bet that I took the cube back to NYC, but made a Sophie's Choice and left the 45's behind. Something had to stay and I have Captain and Tenille's "Do That To Me One More Time" on CD. The silly thing is that virtually every 45 that I saw exists digitally in my ipod, which confirms that I am both consistant, and nostalgic. (I did keep my hundreds of albums.)

Wikipedia has rendered useless this bookshelf of what was formerly essential to every report I ever did. I still don't get one thing, if anybody can write and edit whatever they want in every Wiki entry, isn't most of what's in Wikipedia potentially flawed and false? Do people get actual information from Wiki and isn't it dumbing down our society because it ain't correct? Am I the dumb one here? Can someone please help me and post something to teach me wassup w/ Wiki? Could I write that the world is flat and pie is fat-free in Wiki and a kid in Dubai could take it as fact?

One thing I did not find at my parent's house was Martha and the Vandellas. They were the headliners (in knee-length yellow dresses) at the annual RED event benefitting for Doorways, which funds housing for people with HIV/AIDS. My mom has been active in Doorways for years and this event was a great way to celebrate her birthday with people from the charity and her friends. And Martha Reeves, who I have many many notes for about her performance which would perhaps be inappropriate to share right now. The Vandellas have been replaced by Martha's two sisters, by the way. Who said The Supremes had all the drama?

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