D-day... Tree Update With Jenni... More!

D-day... Tree Update With Jenni... More!

Andy Cohen on Liz Smith, the Osmonds, and Jenni Pulos.

So the wait is over. Plan your fun-dip for your Runway viewing party because shit happens at 10p Eastern. Be there or be square, that's all I'm sayin'. Also I am teasing something within my own blog, which is weird... Stay tuned at the very end of this for a video Rock Center Tree update treat from me and Jenni Pulos who came by my office yesterday. And now that that's outs the way...

I wanna say that I hear the Osmond Oprah episode was one of the highest rated in years. And I wanna go on the record as saying those two siblings are still an unstoppable duo that can bring the very notion of a superpower duo right back to the top of the charts. And they will. Word is they will soon be back as Donny and Marie on your telly sometime soon. That's what I would call breaking news.

Entertainment publicists were buzzing yesterday about Liz Smith coming out again and analyzing why there were no stars at the big "Museum of Moving Image" Tom Cruise salute the other night. Liz said that his current co-stars Meryl Streep and Robert Redford did not show because "they can't stand Cruise". Liz apparently had a miserable night at this tribute and has been bitching about it for several columns. The whole thing is amusing because Liz-readers know her to be more of a publicist's friend than troublemaker. I am hoping she is getting very cranky and there is more of this bitchslapping to come.

Last night was an amazing, glittery dinner at Diane vonFurstenberg's downtown crystal emporium in the meatpacking dinner to honor Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti. It literally was glittering and it literally is a crystal emporium, with a five story staircase that's like a vertical disco ball, by Swarovski. You have to see it to believe it, and if you still have the Vanity Fair with the Kennedy's on the cover, there's a beautiful photo spread inside.

Concurrently, uptown was the big Christie's Auction, and there was a lot of speculation at our table downtown about what price Hugh Grant's Andy Warhol portrait of Liz Taylor would fetch. Word was that it would get at least 35 million bucks, a nice profit considering the actor purchased the painting for around three million. When someone got a text saying it had gone for 23 million, the party quickly came to a screeching halt. I am kidding, it didn't halt at all. But there was cause for pause about what's going on in the economy that would cause such OUTRAGE. Oh here I go waxing on about the ECONOMY again! To stop myself... I will post an update on the Rock Center Christmas Tree from my office yesterday featuring me and darling "Flipping Out" star Jenni Pulos...


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