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Andy finds some very interesting artifacts in a Hamptons dump.

As we launched "Watch What Happens Live" last week, I found myself suddenly and weirdly superstitious, looking for signs and hidden messages everywhere. I don't know what the signs were meant to say, but I was looking. The headline of Variety the day we launched had to do with "Midnight Magic." It was in reference to Harry Potter, but I thought it was a good sign.

A couple hours before we went on the air my cellphone rang with Ricki Lake calling to wish us luck. I took the opportunity to ask her for the one piece of advice she could give me to ensure a good show. She said to be myself and listen to the guests. Good advice.

I was so grateful for her benediction that I said something supremely filthy to her, at which point she shrieked that I was on speaker and that her 8 year old son was in the car. Uh oh! "Hi Owen!!" I said...

Yesterday morning I went to the Hamptons town dump to drop off trash before heading to the city. I found 2 things that I viewed as divine intervention:

This is, of course, a stack of Crochet World Magazines from the 80's. And this is significant because I was meeting Amy Sedaris for dinner last night at Minetta Tavern and this was the perfect gift for her. (In fact, we spent about 20 minutes flipping through them in hysterics.)

And here's what else I found:


This is, of course, is Sally Jessy Raphael's tome SALLY: UNCONVENTIONAL SUCCESS! What better way for me to excel on "Watch What Happens Live" than by taking a cue from the gal with the red specks!? Phil Donahue says (on the cover) "Reading SALLY is like being on a roller coaster with your best friend and Auntie adventure on every page." REALLY, Phil?

I will let you know how this roller-coaster pans out for me. I am ever-grateful to the dump!

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