Crazy For Zoila

Crazy For Zoila

Andy Cohen confesses his TV obsessions.

Sorry. I can't help it but I am crazy for "Flipping Out" star Zoila. The maid. I love the way she says "Oh Jeff". Stay with me on this, peoples. It's too easy to get attached to people on TV that you don't know and will never meet. (Although I do look forward to kissing the ring of Zoila...)

I was with a pal and we ran into Jon Stewart last night on our way to Nobu. To say he is obsessed with "Hey Paula" is an understatement. Turns out he'd never seen "Being Bobby Brown", so he'll be getting a care package to the "Daily show" today. Who else am I obsessed with on TV? Mentally challenged hot people are often fascinating to watch, so it figures that the moronic idiots in the "Big Brother 8" house have my attention. Specifically Jen, who sobbed when she saw the promo picture CBS was using of her - and Nick just because he's hot and bi curious.

And is there a moment in time when one can pry their eyes away from Ms. Julie Chen? Is there?? (I am not insinuating she is mentally challenged, but I do think she's hot.) I love Whoopi, but I don't imagine myself becoming re-engaged and obsessed by the ladies of "The View" anytime soon. Do you? Those ladies are neither mentally challenged, or hot.

Moving on, right now I am all about watching Joey and Hung on "Top Chef". On "Runway" I focus in on Neenagarcia. I can't take my eyes off Kelly Wearstler or Jaclyn Smith. This morning I am particularly obsessed with Bob Dole and his statement about Newt Gingrich: "I don't know how he made himself spokesman for the world." Bravo, Bob!

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