Crazy Combos

Crazy Combos

Andy Cohen reflects on some of his favorite T.V. duos.

I thought Ramona and Carol Leifer might've been a crazy combo last night, but it turns out that they worked perfectly together. We had a fun show, and we're posting over 10 minutes of rollicking extras later today. 

At the end of the broadcast, I went off on Sinbad a wee bit for his horrible leadership skills he'd displayed on last week's Celebrity Apprentice. By the time I got home (I didn't go out after the show), my Twitter had lit up with some Sinbad fans who were calling me out and pulling Ms. Holly Robinson Peete into the fray. (It's amazing how twitter connects anybody and everybody whether you like it or not.) So Holly R-P gets all up in her tweetness and jumps in, saying that she has no clue who I am, but that Carol Leifer is not relevent. Oh lord.  As opposed to Sinbad, my producer pointed out.  


Before the show I stopped by a party for the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists' Organization, which was filled to the brim with journalists from every network. It was hosted by Hoda and Kathie Lee; watching them is like watching SNL. KLG got up and said "Are Hoda and I the only two straight white women in this joint?" And of course Hoda is indeed a BLACK straight woman (like Helen Hayes) and is mouthing "white?" to the audience.... 

Anyway, whatever they have going works. I love a duo that WORKS. (See: Donny and Marie/Chuck and Sue).

I'm reading in The NY Times about the final season of At the Movies and looking at a great picture of Siskel and Ebert from the day. I worked with Gene Siskel at CBS — what a good guy. That's one of the reasons that I always try to wear an earpiece while gabbing.

I am heading to Miami to get some sleep and sun.  See you later!


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