Coming Home

Coming Home

Andy Cohen meets Big Poppa! ... and other ATL stories.

All I can say about yesterday is: the ATL girls are full of surprises, and I met Big Poppa. Oh, and Kim performed Tardy for the Party. The rest you will have to see on the reunion show. 

Tonight is the Flipping Out finale and I've been screening cuts of that super emo-coaster of a reunion, which is making me feel emo about that whole Los Feliz gang. Jenni does a rap on tonight's show (in a lizard costume — long story) that is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get out of your head. Between that and "Tardy for the Party" my mind is looping seriously weird hooks. Oh and my cure for extricating either song is to think of "Paparazzi" and then I can't get THAT outta my brain. It's a vicious circle of crazy going on in my head.

I had dinner with an old friend at Ecco in Midtown Atlanta last night. I loved it there. Coincidentally, there's a front page story in the New York Times about companies that recycle and generate barely any garbage and Ecco is mentioned. 

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a front page piece about a new pirate museum that's planned for ATL. I will NEVER go there. I'm just saying. Well, maybe if I have kids and bring them to the ATL Season 12 reunion I will send the kids there with the sitter. Am I getting ahead of myself???

I'm at the ATL airport right now waiting to leave. I went through security with a very made-up woman, and I am thinking that she is modeling herself on Miss Delta Burke. And it kinda works for her!  But for some reason, me and the poor-man's Delta did not hit it off. We did not see eye to eye about our placement of luggage on the belt and the speed at which we cared to work our way through the system. I forgot that Designing Women was set in Atlanta. Were they the original Real Housewives? Was Meshach Taylor the "DaWight" of that show? Does anybody know what I'm talking about???

And the airport is littered with people with colds. Sneezing everywhere. And military guys going places. I just wanna take pics of them and find out where they're going. They have so many stories.


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