Coco Knows Best

Coco Knows Best

Andy Cohen attends the Countess' book release party ... and meets a gay cab driver (Who knew?!)

This morning required two nuit blanche tablets. So let me put the pieces of last night back together....

First it was flowing Champers at LuAnn's book party for CLASS WITH THE COUNTESS hosted by Catherine Malandrino at her Meatpacking District Boutique. On hand to cheer on the Countess were Bethenny, Alex and Simon, the Zarins (Ally too), Rosanna (!), Noel, and plenty of fashionistas, press, and Countess Lovers.

The Countess is so freaking put together that she was signing books in the same shade of pink as her blouse on the cover of her book. THAT'S CLASS! By the way, she and Kelly really went at it at the reunion; you'll be shocked! (And no, I didn't see Kelly there last night, but that doesn't mean she didn't show later. She's often late, remember?!)

After the party I went with the beautiful Drena De Niro to a dinner Chanel threw for the Tribeca Film Festival at the Odeon. It was wall-to-wall whozits in Chanel and I can't even list them all, and that's only partly because half of them were the type of people you recognize from somewhere and realize they're superstars but have no clue what their name is. Are you following me? 

So the party was in the shadow of this fierce neon sign featuring a quote from the Grand Empress of Chanel. Do you know what it means?

It means, "To be irreplaceable, one must be different." And ain't that the troof? Cheers, Coco.

Before supper I ran into one of my all-time favorite funnyladies, Molly Shannon and her hottie artist husband, Fritz. We went deep about Kath and Kim and the Housewives. She's addicted to Bravo and I'm addicted to her. Literally I wanted to snort her, but some beyotch made me go sit down. Our table was somewhere between one of the Olsen twins (Ashley?) and Debra Messing. We were seated with Mr. De Niro and Adrien Brody and the convo was lively and the Pouilly-Fuise like H20. 

This morning's NEW YORK POST is a keeper! There's a piece about an 83-year-old yoga teacher with pics of her doing 83-year-old poses! Page 3 is all about the glow in the dark beagles (they say "glow in the bark") that are fluorescent, genetically engineered clone-dogs. I loooove Beagles (see: Snoopy) but that article made me sad for some reason. Oh and the Craigslist killer's fiance says the wedding's still on! Bless her delusional soul. Her brace-faced fiance allegedly ordered full release massage gals, killed them, and kept their panties. But the
wedding is a GO! Cool.

And my journo-friend called and said he MET the Craigslist killer in jail yesterday.  And it's not my story to tell, about the meeting I mean, but it's a good one. Who can believe he has braces?

CAB REPORT: I had a GayGyptian cab driver today! I thought he was a gay-sian and then I asked and he said he's from Egypt. And he asked me what it was like to grow up in Italy. He thought I was gaytalian! And so I told him I was a gaymerican and he liked that, too. And so this queen says "Can you believe it's gonna be 80 this weekend; what are you going
to DO?!??!" And no cab driver has ever said to me "what are you going to DO!?!?!?!?" And it was all so gay and crazy and fun and shocking that I didn't get his cab number. You never have gay drivers, see. That ain't one of the gay-sanctioned professions.

Have a great weekend! (It's gonna be 80!)

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