Andy Cohen offers behind-the-scenes scoop on the NJ reunion, and what he really thought of Joe's gay comment.

I want to get into the reunion show ... but first let me remind you that tonight is a brand new Top Chef Masters featuring a French chef who blows his stack. It's a fun one!

I just came from The TODAY Show where I was on with Hoda and Kathie Lee playing "Who Knew" about reality TV. Kathie Lee is supernice and superstrawberryblond and I would like to formally retract all the hatey stuff I said about her in the '80s. Hoda is fantastic and looooves her Housewives. It was a fun segment.

So last night I went to some OUT Magazine party at Stonewall, which I thought would be fun given that it's Gay Pride Week and that's the epicenter of the gay rights movement. And because Lady Bunny was DJing. Well, Bunny had a sore throat and a hurt ankle and kind of disappeared, and the party kind of took it's cue from Bunny's cankle. It wasn't as amazing as Stonewall itself, let me put it that way. (Few things are, really.)

Speaking of gay pride, let me get to my (I know it was SHOCKING) self-outing last night and the "offensive" comment in question. I am getting a lot of e-mails saying that I have no sense of humor, that the remark was not offensive, and that I am being hyperpolitical.

First of all, I think the debate itself is valuable, and that's one of the reasons I'm glad we kept this dialogue in the show. To reiterate, I do not think Joe made the comment out of hate or disgust. I think he was joking around and meant nothing by it. I just had to point out that it's offensive to some people (and me) to use the term "gay" as a synonym for "stupid." Save Danielle, no one in the room seemed onboard with even the remote possibility that this might not be Kosher.

As you may know, I folded, threw out all principles, and started tweeting. I'm @BravoAndy (even though some people are telling me they can't find me, I'm there, and I will figure out the problem. Or Anthony will.) So I tried to tweet during the show and I still don't know that I fully "get" it but I think it's now or never for me to tweet. And 140 characters doesn't give me the flexibility I enjoy on this space to wander aimlessly through my vapid thoughts.

I tweeted that I wish I'd have pushed Danielle about her eyebrow lift because it looks to an amatuer like me like she had one. She has a Kidman-esque forehead, but maybe that's the Botox. What do I know???

140 characters was too few to describe the freaky vibe onset; this was the most tense reunion taping I've ever experienced, and I think because there was so much unsaid, under the surface. Trust me, a lot comes out tomorrow but the women were initially incredibly uneasy getting into the dramz. (It wasn't until hour seven when the S hit the F.)  They had seen the finale two days before and were somewhat mortified by its intensity and general tableflipping (We talk about that tomorrow).  Also, things are VERY unresolved between the sisters and Danielle. Plus there was some residual stuff between the sisters that was still pretty raw. 

The set was not my fave of all our reunions, and Bravo exec Jen Levy said it had elements of a Cinderella fantasyscape. We have an amazing set designer who was dealing with the constraints of a teeny studio (that was literally minutes away from Jacqueline's hospital). I think in a huge soundstage that would've looked cool. In case you're wondering, that mound of flowers on the coffee table was in the shape of New Jersey!

And what on earth did you think of NYC Prep? I got an e-mail from furious Andy's Blog reader Wayne who said "I find it disgusting that now we are seeing teenagers flaunting that lifestyle on television with the current economy we are living in."  Then Matt tweeted "I detest NYC Prep so much that I will need to watch it w/ hopes of redemption for those brats." Then Liza said she's obsessed and can't wait for next week. So what did YOU think?

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