Christmas Stew

Christmas Stew

A few words from Andy to warm your heart.

Last night, Liza and I discussed the benefits of the multi-topic blog, specifically when there is not one overarching theme that overwhelms my brain on a morning like yesterday, or today!

BREAK AN EGG: I thought last night's Chef episode was a lot of fun and I tried playing along at home to determine what (crappy) food I would present if faced with the two challenges. For the Quickfire, in which the chefs shopped at a greenmarket and then couldn't cook any of their ingredients, I believe I would've tried to rustle up some sort of salad using unusual ingredients and it would've probably been a complete bomb. I should point out that I really can't cook at all. I can make an omelette and that's it. And so that's exaclty what I would've made for the surfers -- some sort of protein-busting mini omellete. And I would've been eliminated. And I would be eliminated every week if I played from home which is why I just watch and not try to play.

The episode was unique also in that it was pretty drama-free and all about the cooking. I was fishing around the postings/blogs about last night's episode this morning and several people commented that they were glad the producers didn't jam it up with "manufactured drama." I have to point out that when Betty calls someone out in the breakroom or the chefs turn on someone, it is not of our making. It happens and we show it.

I haven't checked my blog email lately but I think there were no deaths or disfigurements resulting from Padma's bikini top last night -- I will report back.

CHRISTMAS ON JANE STREET: Have any of you heard of this family that comes to NYC from Vermont every year with their three kids and sell Christmas trees on the corner of Jane Street and Hudson in the heart of the West Village? They live in a tiny camper on the corner and make people's dreams come true by matching them with the perfect Vermont Christmas tree. It is adorable and there have been many feature stories on this family and even a book. I live around the corner and see them year after year and -- I am gonna come right out and say it -- over the last few years I am getting progressively more grossed out about them all living in that camper from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. The kids are getting bigger, space is tight, and it just doesn't seem folksy anymore. It's cute and I love Christmas and I love them but this is starting to beg some questions to which I don't particularly want the answers.

THE TIMES: in case you have not read today's New York Times, here's what's on the cover of the Thursday Styles section: an article about Supersize Purses and what a pain in the ass they are for all of us (w/ the exception of chiropractors), a large piece about high-end women who use dogs as accessories and the high-end dog accessories they buy for the high-end dog used as accessories, and a thinkpiece about people who overexplain their online rsvps! These are the trends of this very day and the NYT and I thought you should know.

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Speaking of the Times, is it interesting to anyone that there was a "For Your Consideration" ad for United 93 on the cover of the Arts Section this morning? Usually these ads are reserved for Variety and industry pubs, so it's interesting to see a relatively small group of people (Oscar voters) being targeted through such a mass publication. Perhaps more Oscar voters are compelled to pick up the Times than Variety. Catherine O'Hara was honored as Best Supporting Actress by the National Board of Review yesterday, thereby creating a crazy life-imitates-art-imitating-life thing that is going to continue until the entire plot of her film is played out in real time and she has her face made over. Bravo should shoot the process!! Gotta go make that happen!

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