Christmas Is Melancholy

Christmas Is Melancholy

Andy Cohen on the joys and woes for Christmas.

Do you care to guess what book this Lady is reading? This lady who I saw on the subway last night? This gal is ENGROSSED in a Joan Collins book. So I love that. She didn't see me take this picture. How could she, what with the drama unfurling on the pages of her "book". I'm all for it.

Last night was a sweet Bravo Karaoke Holiday celebration that featured all of us eating bready foods singing our faces off in front of each other. And now we have to face the same people this morning, without microphones or booze. I did a very poor job singing "Endless Love" with Francesca Sullivan. The whole thing was my fault because I made her be Lionel and she was used to the Diana part. (I am always Diana so there really was no option...) It was not amazing but she redeemed herself later and so did a ton of my co-workers who have incredible voices! I did not.

The Christmas tree camper family people are back!


You recall the delightful family from somewhere far away who live in their camper on the corner of Jane Street and sell Christmas trees they grow all year, right?? Well they are back and there are many of them and they're shacked up in that camper and I saw one of the filthy - I mean ADORABLE - kids this morning throwing some foodstuffy wrapper in the can on the corner. And I mean I don't want to be a scrooge and I hate to ask this again but where are these people bathing again???? I forgot. Is there a shower onboard or is it a whore's bath type of thing?

My lil coffee shop across the street from the Christmas Tree Family is 24/7 carols at this point, which generally either depress me horribly or put me in a cheery mood. Today it was a Carpenters' Christmas song that was so reverb-y and somber that I almost ran right into that camper across the street in tears. Karen C. serves up DOUBLE the melancholy of your ordinary Christmas tune. Yowsa. Poor Richard, think he's having a happy Christmas?

I don't know if I understand the Tina review in the TIMES today. I THINK he loved it as much as me. It is flowery and profound and I guess he's saying she didn't need all the hoo-hah and sets and stuff, her voice is the thing...

So there's a fun "Top Chef" tonight and the winner of tonight's challenge will be making their dish tomorrow on "Today". Watch tonight and it'll all tie in perfectly.


CAB REPORT: The tree lighting is tonight so that screwed up everything. Tariq Jamil was cool and patient about sitting in gridlock but I wound up getting out of 9C90 a wee bit early to avoid the madness. Remind me to leave work early to avoid the Christmas Tree People. The barricades are up and it's insane around here. Um - WHO GOES TO STAND IN THE COLD TO WATCH A CHRISTMAS TREE GET LIT?

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