Christmas Humps

Christmas Humps

Andy Cohen reveals wants on his Holiday wish list.

Tonight is a whomper of a "Top Chef". It's Christmas in the kitchen and Martha Stewart pays the chefs a visit to simultaneously inspire and terrorize. She (unfortunately) doesn't actually terrorize them, but I like the IDEA of it. We've been trying to get Martha on the show for years, but her schedule hasn't jived with ours and shooting everywhere but NYC has hurt us. She's here tonight and we couldn't be happier.

By the way, Martha was on TODAY this morning and they asked her about appearing on "Chef" and she said she "doesn't like to judge people." UMMMMMM. What's that again? You DON'T? Judging is a GOOD THING!

We were already lathered up in a frenzy to have Martha on the show, so our frenzy continued when special guest judge Natasha Richardson showed up for the elimination challenge. Richardson is one of the best home cooks around, with a love and knowledge of food that could give the best restaurant chefs a run for their money. She's a good friend so I say from experience that a seat at her table is a VERY good thing.

I know that you already know that she's a bombshell and a great actress, but you may not realize that in 1991 she lost her dad, the great director Tony Richardson, to AIDS and has worked tirelessly fundraising for a cure ever since. How fitting, then, that we were able to cater a (pre) holiday event for amfAR that she hosted. To find out more about amfAR, go HERE.
I know you're sick of me posting pictures of the Rock Center tree, but I was walking back from lunch yesterday in the snow and it was so clear and colorful and, well, perty... I couldn't resist.

I ALWAYS wanted a Christmas tree growing up. It didn't happen and as an adult I've not had the balls to chuck my faith, buy one, set it up, and get struck down by my lord. I enjoy OTHER's Christmas trees though. I wish they were up all year, but I guess that would be quite wasteful and ultimately irritating in some way.

I have a lot of work to do today and I'm really late, so I'll just leave you with some items from my Christmas list. What's on yours?


-Ted Turner's book

-Maureen McCormack's book

-A sunny holiday

-The return of "The Comeback"

-Cardinals in '09 World Series

-Cashmere -End of global warming

-More Housewives


-Lots of cardio

-Good economy

-Perfect BF

OK I know that a lot of these aren't things that Santy can bring, but a guy can dream right?

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