Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas Eve Eve

Andy Cohen discusses the OC Housewives, MGMT, and the notorious Slanket.


There's a new "OC Housewives" tonight and Vicki randomly gets hit by a football, providing an unintentionally hilarious moment amidst a pretty dramatic and crazy episode. I don't know why it's funny to me watching people fall and get hit by balls, but it is. Very infantile, I know.

I am heading to St. Barts on Christmas, and before I leave I'm running around like a chicken without a head, or a Housewife with a football, or something. I was one of the TOOLS at the Rock Center US Post Office yesterday at 4:30 in a massive line sending a package to St. Louis. Oy. It was actually only about 40 minutes of airport-style fun, so I guess it could've been worse. I'm a fool.

There's something I didn't mention in my gift ideas video yesterday that's advertised on Bravo occasionally on an infomercial: the blanket with sleeves and hood. Have you seen this ad?? And the people watching TV and eating chips while casually wearing this blanket? It is funny! I want one! It's fleece!
Oh hey here's another gift idea: that CD from MGMT is AMAZING. They are the best new group of '08, if you ask me. The whole album is great.

Speaking of gifts, I have to shout out Andy's blog reader David who sent me a MetroCard yesterday. How cool is THAT? Even MORE motivation to take the subway. Thank you, David!!

Did you read the definitive piece about Bernie Madoff in Saturday's New York Times? It was a fascinating, in-depth look at the scope of his operation, and how it came to be. Do we really not believe that his kids knew nothing? I didn't lose anything off this fool and I'd still like to rip him from limb to limb. He should suffer.

Everyone's STILL talking about Jeremy Piven bolting from "Speed the Plow" allegedly because he was BORED. The story is that he got bored, had some ghetto doctor write him a "Jeremy can't be in the play" note due unusually high mercury levels (whaaa?), then just split. So the producers of the show are screwed, ticket sales are way down, people are asking for their money back and the whole thing is no good.

So people are really PISSED about this. A friend of mine who's a great Broadway star said 'I get bored halfway through OPENING NIGHT - it's what being in a show is all about!' Here's what: I get bored about four times a day at work but I just deal with it. Who DOESN'T get bored?

I've been so focused on the graffiti on the Regis and Kelly ad on the Uptown F platform that I've totally ignored what's happening on the downtown side. It looks like someone went to town on poor Regis' face. Poor guy. A very special guest stopped by my dorm room yesterday, and I'll post that up for you tomorrow... Have a good day.

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