Chef Finale Behind The Scenes!

Chef Finale Behind The Scenes!

Andy Cohen shares the photos from a very long night at Judge's table.

Tonight is the big night. Here's the last video Tom and I made in Puerto Rico, shot a few minutes before the final Judges' Table. Tom and I talk about undies, food, Antonia, clingy girls, and Gail stumbles into the scene with her curlers on. I think you will enjoy this free range conversation.

While the judges and guest chefs eat the meal of a lifetime, executive producers Dan Cutforth and Shauna Minoprio and I watch and salivate in a steamy back room.


I enjoy giving Padma foot massages whenever possible, especially if she's wearing a fierce pair of shoes. Here we are killing time...


What were the other judges up to while I rubbed Padma's feet? Signing cookbooks and having a sing-along, of course. Literally they were having a singalong with Ted at the piano...


Here is one of my fave pictures ever behind the scenes of "Top Chef". You've all heard that Judge's Table goes until the wee hours of the morning, and it was 4 AM by the time the foursome decided who would be "Top Chef". Just before the chefs re-entered to hear the news, Gail took a wee catnap right on Judge's table.


I love Gail Simmons. There, I said it.

I wonder which one of these chefs will be... Top Chef!?


Will it be a lady finally?


Does this Puerto Rican cat know who is the new Top Chef?


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