Charla And Mirna For Prez

Charla And Mirna For Prez

Andy confesses his unabashed admiration for the Amazing Race All-Star duo.

Is it possible that I could be more obsessed with Amazing Race All-Star Charla Faddoul and her cousin, Mirna Hindoyan?  I finally fully caught up on "Amazing Race All Stars" last night after watching a great Oprah ("Imus: What's Next"). I am continually amazed by the antics of these cousins. What's brilliant is that a little person and her protector family member -- a pity party waiting to happen -- could inspire such unadulterated HATRED.

Sunday night Charla climbed an 11-story scaffolding, kicked down doors in search of a clue, and roller skated through the Hong Kong airport -- thereby blowing Heather Mills and her one-legged dance antics out of the water in the "hope over heartbreak sympathy awards." Yet Mirna and Shmirna managed to offend all the other racers with their cunning doubletalk and lies. I root for them but I am aghast and entertained by Mirna's behavior and her adept use of Charla as an accomplice. (They also both adopt "foreign" accents when interacting with "foreigners"...)

Both were contestants on the legendarily unloved Bravo show (which I loved) Battle of the Network Reality Stars. And both caused much trouble and trauma with their teammates. Mirna was especially divisive. By day two, Richard Hatch wouldn't give her the time of day, which could be a good thing depending how you look at it. Charla was a bundle of fun pretty much every time we crossed paths. Her family owns a sporting goods store and she has a big job there.

I don't know which member of this twosome is the bigger star, but together they are a Donny and Marie, Chuck and Sue-sized superduo. I hope they win.

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