Change Is Good

Change Is Good

Andy Cohen heads out for a Bravo summit.

Me and some other Bravo folks are heading to an offsite for the next few days so I gots to keep it short.

I love an offsite, because it's when you put your BlackBerry aside, really get to know your coworkers, play 'trust games', get inspired, and think in the big picture.Last year we walked out of that room with some clear objectives for the next year and I'm excited to see what comes out of this year's summit.

So what'd you think of the "20 Most Outrageous Bravo Moments"? I thought it was a good cross section of shows from over the years with some real zingers. Seeing Wendy Pepper is like putting on a comfy shoe, right? What about Lindsay from the Aqua Air Angels saying 'pacifically'? It's all in good fun, people.

Liza was the co-Executive Producer on the show and she was probably the only producer in the history of producers who was actually excited about seeing snipes on her show! She said it made her feel even CLOSER to Bravo talent and the shows. The poor gal spent months watching every episode of every show, so I didn't know it was possible that she feel closer, really...

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