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Before I get into today's ramble, let me make sure you saw yesterday's visit with the Atlanta Housewives: Here is part one:

Here is part two:

Now that that's out of the way, check out "Top Design" tonight. There's a super-high end challenge, lots of drama, Simon Doonan is the guest judge, and Eddie is provocative. Last night I was lucky enough to attend the opening of Chanel's touring public art show at the Rumsey playfield in Central Park. I know I am going to do a crap job of explaining what this actually means, and I am about to board a plane very early in this day with nobody to set me straight on this, but here I go... This exhibit consists of a traveling futuristic "pod" that you enter and tour artists' installations that were inspired by Chanel's most classic 2.5 model purse.

I couldn't begin to put into words the complexity and oblique beauty of the installation, but it is essentially a series of visual treats that you don't understand what your looking at until your eye settles for a few moments. It is up in Central Park until January and I say GO. (I will be going back when there aren't beautiful French people everywhere.)
Before heading to the event, I was feeling particularly square and corporate looking, so I conspired with my friend's glam squad to give me some seriously smoky eyes to get into the Karl Lagerfeld vibe. We later got to meet Mr. Lagerfeld and I felt better for being smoked out. Having recently seen the amazing documentary on his life, I was flabbergasted by him.

The Chanel bunch took over the Waverly for a private dinner after that was very starry and fashion. Our (looong) table was the Mount Rushmore of fashion: Karl, Calvin, Donatella, Donna, editors of French and Italian Vogue. And elsewhere were Kate Bosworth, Rufus Wainwright, Kate Pierson, Julian Schnabel, and a ton of others that I am too tired to remember. I was next to Eve and across from Jeff Koons, who told me his Balloon Dog leaves the top of the Met next week. (If you haven't seen it, go.)

Eve is blindingly beautiful. She had an asymmetrical 'do on her head and gold nail polish on her fingahs. And her thumbnail had an image of Obama plastered onto it! It was hot! She'd been on "The View" that day but hadn't shown Elizabeth the nail. She should've especially since Eliz was wearing an AmeriCain t-shirt. Oh, Eliz! So two things keep happening to me out and about. The first is that people come up and say hi because we're facebook friends, which is nice but then maybe after 2 and a half minutes you might be done with that particular convo... And so I am wondering what the protocol is and then if you meet in person does that make you Facebook BFF's? Anyway I like it and its nice and even without scrabulous I am down with Facebook as an overall fantastic way to waste time.

The second thing that is happening now more than ever is that people want to breathe their vile, gutstinking dragonbreath all over my face and get it up my sniffer so I can be absolutely sure to get a lasting whiff. And everybody - from Rich to poor, movie stars to deli dudes - has bad breath. And it is now a true epidemic. And nobody that I have mentioned in this blog had it but pretty much everybody else there might've. So anyway let's all pledge to keep monitoring our breath, ok?? It's for everybody's good. And on that note, I gotta go we're taking off in a second.

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