Cats And Sue And Drew And More!

Cats And Sue And Drew And More!

Andy Cohen reflects on these, and many other issues.

There's a lot to report this morning so today's blog is going to be a bit of a jumble... I want you to know that there seems to be a kitty cat trapped between two buildings on Hudson Street between Horatio and Jane Streets in the West Village of New York City. I tell you not because this is around the corner from my apartment, but because this story is going to be all over the national news in about a second unless they rescue the kitty.

As of now, there are live trucks from several stations giving hourly updates on the local news in NYC about this harrowing story. After too much wine at a seder last night, I woke up at 4:30 this morning unable to fall back asleep. I turned on the WB Early Morning News and there was a reporter standing live in front of the building where the kitty was trapped. I felt so bad for that reporter, who had to get her ass out of bed at 3:00 AM to stake out the kitty. But I love when an animal story takes over the local news! For some reason it happens every time I turn on the news in LA and not as much here. There's even an article about the coverage of the cat on the front of the Metro section in today's New York Times. Godspeed kitty!

I want you to know that I went to see Sandra Bernhard's show the other night and sat in front of one of New York City's biggest stars, the legendary WNBC anchor Sue Simmons. My friend John and I were so excited it was as though Madonna were in our airspace. Sue sightings are rare in this town. I work in her building and never lay eyes on her. Local news personalities are stars in most towns across the country, but NYC is different because there are so many other celebs that live here. But Sue is a superstar newslady who's as emblematic of this town as the Empire State Building. She seemed to enjoy the show and ducked out before the encore, presumably to grab a bite and anchor the 11:00 news.

Lea DeLaria was also in the house but I couldn't tell if she seemed as star-struck about Sue as we were. How could she not be? I want you also to know that yesterday I visited my pal Kristen Johnston on the set of her new film "Music and Lyrics By," which was shooting this week around the corner from Rockefeller Center. Her co-stars are Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant.

Drew was as super-cool as you might imagine: Teeny and beautiful and warm with fantastic hair. Hugh Grant was handsome and Hugh-ish. The movie looks hilarious. I couldn't find the craft service table anywhere so I was bummed. I plan to visit them again as they're shooting around town for another month. I like to see what movie craft-service has to offer as I am a TV guy and don't often get the opportunity to see the gold standard of craft service.

Now on to the Winners and Losers of this last week:

WINNERS: Page Six -- Sure, they're engulfed in scandal. But the reporter who's accused of bribing the billionaire probably won't go to jail and the bottom line is that me and everybody else are still lunging for Page Six when we grab the Post in the morning. It's been fun having a laugh at their expense, but the truth is that it's still the first thing we all read in the morning -- so I think Page Six escapes with only a twitter.

New York Magazine -- They pulled the oldest trick in the book this week, talking about media coverage of a sleazy story in order to get around actually covering the sleazy story. In this case, the magazine set up faux-photo shoot of Brangelina impersonators pretending to be caring for their newborn as a way of reporting how much the paparazzi will make on the baby pix. So they not only beat the competition with their fake photos of Brangelina, they get to put the photos on the cover of their magazine and still kind of stay above the fray. When a publicist used to tell me not to ask a star about the topic everyone was reporting on, the only way around it would be to ask that star about the COVERAGE of the topic ... get it?

Madonna -- Tickets for latest tour sell out in a nanosecond. When did a $350 ticket become no big deal? Is it going to go up to $500 a ticket for the next tour? Isn't $350 what you usually spend on an AIRLINE ticket, not a concert ticket? And I bought several, I will confess.

LOSERS: Miss Iraq -- The newly-crowned Miss Iraq goes into hiding, fearing for her life as terrorists threatened to kill any woman associated with the pageant. And this is after the initial winner stepped down after receiving death threats, so the crown wasn't even hers to start! Is this democracy in motion? Does Iraq need a beauty pageant? Can Donald Trump go to Iraq, buy the pageant, and save them all??

Dallas -- Double-whammy for soon-to-be film, as some weird casting choices hover around this one (J-Lo as Sue Ellen?) and the city of Dallas will see no profit, as it's rumored to be shooting in Jacksonville, Florida. I can't get over J-Lo as Sue Ellen. Weren't the Ewings probably racist? Is there a side-story about Miss Ellie refusing to go to the wedding because Sue Ellen is a Latina?

Paula Abdul -- She's now simply making a career out of Farrah Fawcett-like appearances, and her latest on the Tonight Show the other night was a train wreck that wasn't even fun to watch, and I love a train wreck. It was sad. Please help yourself, Paula.

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