Carpal Tunnel And Jet Lag

Carpal Tunnel And Jet Lag

Andy Cohen talks of injuries and nannycams.

I have both. My hand is throbbing this morning. I think I am going to start using an electric typewriter. And I think I am going to have to stop over-sharing. I am literally putting MYSELF to sleep.

Tonight on Bravo there's a new episode of "Flipping Out" in which Jeff's nannycam lays the groundwork for some unexpected, big drama to come. I guess the lesson is to be careful when installing a nannycam because the results won't always lead to great things.

Speaking of nannycams, Christie Brinkley reported yesterday on the stand that her masturbating-lovin' soon-to-be ex husband was not only fond of online porn, but of his webcam, too. Did SHE install a nannycam on her ex, or did she have a timer on him or how exactly does she know how much time he was spending online fiddling with his bits?

Between Christie B and Madonna/A-Rod, the NY POST is chock-a-block right now. I don't know WHAT to believe about Madonna, but I hope for her sake she did whatever she wanted to do, which would be true to the "Express Yourself"-era Madonna that I love.

I remember seeing A-Rod at Madonna's little soiree after her second night at Madison Square Garden with the "Confessions" tour. He was with his wife and I thought it was cool that he was there. And he was big. And hot. Madonna had on a tank top that said (in sequins) something to the effect of "You are not on the list." And there you have my first-hand account of absolutely no information of value. I have to get back to work, sorry this is very lame.

CAB REPORT: I was too into my NY POST this morning to even pay attention to anything about my cab! I gave my POST and my TIMES to the driver, and the A/C was blasting, that's all I remember. Oh and the fare was $9.70, which is (unfortunately) cheap.

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