Busy Monday

Busy Monday

Andy likens Kathie Lee to a Real Housewife, talks about his fitness kick, and professes his love for all things Twitter.

Hey everybody. This one has to be brief because I am "grindin," as Miss Nene Leakes often tweets. Was on the TODAY show this morning with Hoda and KLG and the highlight of that was listening to Kathie Lee rehearse her song during the commercial break. Also, I got to sit next to Valerie Harper in the makeup chair, and I sneezed on her by mistake when we were done. I love me some Rhoda.

Kathie Lee reminds me of a "Real Housewife." Not one Real Housewife in particular, maybe an OC gal. I don't know, but I am amused by her ALWAYS.

I am going to be on Joy Behar tonight, and I don't know exactly what we'll be discussing. I am hoping that if it's Tiger Woods this will be the last time we discuss it. I'm so bored by that topic!

I am getting more and more obsessed with Twitter with each day that goes by. It is so damn fun and the amount of oversharing on it by celebrities is astounding. The Housewives are very active on it, too.

The weekend in Manhattan was fantastic. It was a lot of outside time and just fun. I'm on a total fitness kick right now, and hopefully it will take me through the summer. This morning I did sprints on the treadmill. I thought my heart was going to explode.

We taped some AWESOME web extras with Liam Neeson last week in which he talked about Lady Gaga, and his rumored enormous appendage. Here they are!



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