Andy Cohen catches up with some Bravolebrities.

First off, last night's Top Chef. I loved it when, out of absolutely nowhere, Betty started in on Marcel. On those ugly couches in the fire station. Wow. You don't know what people are thinking until they tell you exactly what they are thinking to your face.

The food pretty much all looked so good to me. I love it that the highbrow team was forced to take a step towards cooking for Americans. I even (and especially) would've eaten Michael's steak sandwich creme brulee thing.

I saw Tom Colicchio yesterday in LA. We talked about the chefs and the show and some other stuff. Is he becoming an international sex symbol? A national sex symbol?

I was on Ring My Bell yesterday. This is the internet talk show where people call in and chat. Some Andy's Blog regulars called in and one asked me to take my shirt off. I pondered it and was flattered but I actually stopped myself, proving once and for all live over the internet that I do have an edit feature in my brain. Also, three people from Bravo called in as did Graciela and Maxie Halston and someone from Colorado. And my ex-boyfriend called two times. It was fun and they are posting an edited version of the show in a day or two. And I sang.

After Ring My Bell, I went to a business lunch and saw Jake Gyllenhaal at the restaurant. I can't escape Jack Twist and I am not complaining. We were at Ammo on Highland. He is a platinum classic. And he seems nice. After lunch I booked it to the set of Top Design and I am so excited about it. Todd Oldham is an amazing guy and a great host. He cares about the interior designers and is rooting for them. Jonathan Adler has been a design hero of mine for years, so watching him in his head judge role is a dream. He is obsessed with Bravo shows so it is fun having him on the other side of things.

Last night he grilled me about Jonathan Antin and The Real Housewives. He knows his Bravo vocab, that one. Last night The Insider host Lara Spencer announced that the ET Anna Nicole interview "took my breath away" and that it is not only appointment television, but it is the most mesmerizing and exclusive interview this show has ever had.

Here's what: Lara Spencer is a jackhole. Yes, a jack-hole. There I said it. If what looks to me to be a drugged-out yokel chatting to Mark Steines is what it takes to take her breath away, then I wonder what a punch in the gut feels like?

Let me walk away from the particulars of this interview and imagine watching a discussion between a heavily medicated painted lady who just lost her child and Mark Steines. Would this elicit something that would take my breath away? I don't know and it helps that I will be on an airplane when this thing is promo'd to beat hell and then a minute of it airs. I don't want my breath taken away, by the way. Don't take my damn breath away Lara Spencer -- I want to live!

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