Andy Cohen on the Supermodel duo.

What is it about Bronnie that makes me want to stick out my tummy when I am between them?  One of these things is not like the other... It's all about Bronnie on tonight's "Make Me A Supermodel" Reunion show.

I'm talking about Ben and Ronnie, of course. And you KNOW that made Bronnie T-shirts, which I present the couple tonight on the show. And you know that they're for sale right here at By the way, I literally may buy one.

In other news, I had breakfast with Jackie Warner yesterday and that lady is white hot with long hair. Why am I powerless to feathery blond hair? Is it because I am very Jewey? I don't know. But I am IN.

I also saw future Bravo star, and current and always Style Star Rachel Zoe. Rachel is the top celeb stylist on this planet and she's starring on a Bravo docu series later this year. I saw the first rough cut yesterday and I am IN. This is a great show. Wow am I excited. It made me happy all day. I wish I could tell you what we're shooting here but I will get in trouble from our PR dept. And in the nick of time, I need to get on a plane home in time for the many "Make Me A Supermodel" parties tonight. Have a great day.

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