Broadway Magic

Broadway Magic

Andy Cohen attends the Xanadu preview, and catches up with Harold Dieterle.

Last night I immersed myself in roller skates and Livvy Neutron Bomb at the Helen Hayes Theater where I caught a preview of "Xanadu" starring my pal Kerry Butler. You may remember the sublime Butler from her role as Penny in the original cast of "Hairspray". You also really may not, but that's about you.

"Xanadu" has been in the "news" the last few days because Kerry's co-star literally broke a leg the other night. He might've twisted his ankle but the fact is he's out of the show and it must go on and there is chaos and buzz and replacement casting and new roller skates to be fitted. The show is based on the movie that has no plot and great music. I can't tell you a whole lot more about the show other than I love disco, Olivia, ELO, roller skates, and Kerry Butler, so I had a blast last night.

After the show we went backstage, hugged Kerry, met all the chorus boys, and hightailed it to Perilla to feast on the smooth stylings of Harold D, who celebrated his 30th birthday this week. We arrived at 10:30 and the place was packed. I had the steak and we all shared the cuddle fish and pork belly and crab salad and more. Harold said the new crop of chefs this season look great to him, but you can read all about that on his blog. Back to Broadway...

According to a big ad in the Times, there's a "Power Couple" joining the cast of "Chicago". How exciting that Melanie and Antonio are joining the show, huh! Uh oh, it's actually Lisa and Harry. And by Lisa and Harry, I am talking Rinna and Hamlin. In what continent are they a power couple? Perhaps they are a power couple in Japan, where hideous, butchered, fleshy lips might be considered a Western Delicacy.

Speaking of Japan, in a very awkward transition, Broadway superstar Joe Mantello is there directing an all-Japanese cast of "Wicked". He's been sending hilarious emails and I have been hanging on every word about the Japanese Elphaba and Madame Morrible. I am fascinated by what Broadway's latest classic might look like in Japanese, so I asked him to send me some pictures.

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